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    Installing Old Cruise Control Buttons

    I will be replacing my stock steering wheel soon, and I am planning on keeping the cruise control function. I know that there are CC relocation brackets available for the 3v stock buttons, but looking around I came across with the SVE bracket for old Ford CC buttons which looks way better than...
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    2005-2009 Coyote Swap Plug and Play Harness!

    Both great news. I will definitely contact you for your services once I find a good donor car for this part of my build.
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    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    Thats crazy! And yeah, for most applications I feel that the sound of the H outweighs the HP gains of the X.
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    2005-2009 Coyote Swap Plug and Play Harness!

    Hey Matt, I have been following your content and appreciate your work. I had some questions for you: 1. Is the pinning for the ECUs on the Boss 302 any different than regular GTs; are there any steps that are unique to the Boss 302 swap? 2. Will cruise control work with a TR6060?
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    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    Please send me a quote including shipping to 92591. Email is
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    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    Are these still available for sale?

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