#s197 #v6

  1. S

    headlight issue

    the passenger headlight turns on sometimes and sometimes it doesn't but the led strips still work fine, i installed the aftermarket headlights on my stock 2011 mustang what could the cause be?
  2. AztroRover

    Rinse out the engine?

    Alright, I also own a Mercedes and a Range Rover. I do all the oil changes on them and my Mustang. One thing I notice is the Mustang is "dirtier" then the Euros. They all get 5K oil changes, same oil Mobil 1 - Full Synthetic from Costco and all get genuine filters all have similar mileage. The...
  3. AztroRover

    San Diego Mustang Mechanic?

    Hi All, I am in San Diego and I have a great general mechanic who does most all my work. My mustang needs to get looked at by someone a little more specific to Mustangs -I think. It idles rough when stopped in gear, but idles smooth as can be in Park or Neutral or while driving. Mechanic...

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