Airstrip Racing, Bremerton, WA 8/29-8/30

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Backroad_Beast, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Backroad_Beast

    Backroad_Beast 2007 Torch Red GT

    Sign ups here.

    Northwest Nights, our local car group (All makes, averaging 500+hp) is putting on an airstrip racing event at the Bremerton Airstrip here in Washington. It will be legal street racing. Unprepped, call out who you please, and race from a dig or up to a 40 roll with 1600ft of accel space. Family friendly event with bathroom, food services, and medical professionals on hand. There will also be a carshow on Saturday with a $30 entry. Sign ups and pricing can be found on the link posted above. For those wishing to spectate $5 will get you in the door. If you have any questions visit or join the Facebook group below, or PM me and I can get you an answer. Hope to see some badass Mustangs out there. The kings at this point are a handful of Turbo Vettes and that needs to end.

    Facebook Group

    Facebook Event

    An idea what the track looks like
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  2. 5.Blow

    5.Blow Do you even lift?

    This looks like to be a lot of fun. I will be there that Saturday. Bring your car mang.
  3. Backroad_Beast

    Backroad_Beast 2007 Torch Red GT

    I wish I could. Picking up my motor the weekend before and it'll probably need some work, then I've still gotta get some of the goodies powder coated before I throw them on. It'll be on kill for the next event.
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