Weird engine issue. Crankshaft position sensor connector?


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Feb 21, 2024
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Just looking to hear some thoughts on this. Not so quick back story. I bought this as a project this past fall. PO overheated it and it had almost no compression in all cylinders. I pulled it, replaced heads with new and replaced all timing components. Ran fine afterwards other than EGR code (replaced EGR after trying cleaning and code gone) and cat efficiency (I don't think it has cat internals anymore). Intermittently, after warmup the engine would surge a couple hundred RPM at idle sometimes and after several seconds settle at a lower rpm. It never stalled. On top of this, I stupidly did not replace the spongy heater hose because I was just concerned at the time if it would run. It burst this past Dec. during a WOT acceleration from a stop. No problem, didn't run out of coolant and fixed easily. Other hoses seemed fine. Another burst the week before last during a similar WOT event. This one was the 90 degree elbow from the heater hose to engine. The inside of the hose was in bad shape. I temporarily fixed it and checked the formed hose from the water pump right next to the crank position sensor. It seemed fine, but I ordered one anyway. While waiting on my hose to arrive, I tried another WOT acceleration. As the engine revved, it briefly lost power, a couple of lights briefly flashed, a small backfire, and then regained normal operation after releasing throttle. It did this a second time and stored P0067, but I'm not sure it is the cause, but an effect. It appeared to run normal otherwise. That evening, my hose arrived and I replaced it which is right next to the crank sensor. After hose replacement, I had crank and no start. After about a half hour of that sinking stomach feeling, I checked the crank sensor and the connector wasn't pushed in all the way. I found that the metal clip was on it backwards and did not engage. It's been a few days now and runs smooth and has not exhibited the idle issue. However, I am absolutely terrified to try a hard acceleration after these issues. I'm wondering if the loose crank sensor connector may have caused these issues? No codes now, fuel trims are a little high with 7% on one bank and 11% on the other.

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