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  1. 20gt07
    20gt07 lito
    How do I go about buying a tune from you?
  2. stevo
    2010 Mustang GT V8 s197
  3. Vin donohue
    Vin donohue Morereps
    I know this is an old thread but where did you get the ignition wire for the relays?
  4. mattjames
    mattjames Stevejr
    Hey I noticed you're the guy that Fox Media did the 3V to Coyote swap on. Did you guys ever figure out the AC or Speedo? Did they think the PBH harness was worth it? Thanks! Matt
    [email protected]
  5. Devon Martinez
    Devon Martinez 3vstang
    Would you do shipping?
  6. wrenchbrother
    wrenchbrother lito
    Looking for a tune on a 05 mustang GT on bama tuner w/ on3 turbo kit. Would love to pay for your services.
  7. Logan1102
    Logan1102 white_lightning
    Hi, I had seen a discussion from 2017 that you participated in where you had a clutch interlock wiring harness to a s197 mustang. I was wondering if you still had this?
  8. Midlife Crises
    Midlife Crises
    I do have pics scattered throughout the threads. Look at the bright red GT doing a burnout in the picture whore thread.
  9. Daniel Roberson
    Daniel Roberson Midlife Crises
    You have a fast ride, my friend. Do you have some pictures of her?
  10. greenmonster2
    greenmonster2 3vstang
    Question about the intercooler? Do you have the piping for it? Where in PA?
  11. CharlieRS
  12. NorseHorse
    09’ Mustang GT
  13. Waakeeen
    Waakeeen Lowfast
    Just wondering how the build turned out, I'm actually looking at 65 falcon and I have a 3v drivetrain. Were you able to complete the build any tips would be great too.
  14. riffraff
    2014 GT w/ track pack
  15. Tony Conti
    Tony Conti Juice
    When the car is cold and hasn't been driven I can fill it up just fine. So I was going to look into other options of dealing with this before re-routing the exhaust. Also I'd like to get rid of that cover like you did. I appreciate any advice you can offer. I had to post this in parts because it was too long. Idk how to PM.
  16. Tony Conti
    Tony Conti Juice
    I repaired the line and wrapped it in DEI heat shielding and it didn't melt a hole in the repair but the heat causes the tube to collapse on itself when I add gas which causes me to not be able to fill my tank.
  17. Tony Conti
    Tony Conti Juice
    Hey I saw you had a post on here where you mentioned that you changed your evap system to the "2013 vintage one" I was wondering if you had any info on where I could buy the specific one you did. My exhaust melted through the tube on the right side of the tank.
  18. Dino Dino Bambino
    Dino Dino Bambino
    I have Scarlett fever
  19. bgck7
    2014 Ford Mustang GT Boss 302 premium package, race red, special ordered with the Boss 302 engine.
  20. akylekoz
    akylekoz Juice
    Does that 4.0 T5 have a removable bell housing?
    A guy on another forum may want it and he is in PA.
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