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  • Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you have any idea how long I have to wait or how many replys I need to make before I can make my own post? I have a bunch of parts I wanted to sell on here...Thanks! Dave
    Wow, that's incredibly impressive! I had met with the admissions director for Brown a few years back, but I chose to stay local since there was absolutely no way myself, parents or loans could have gotten me through financially. :/ Thanks alot man, I really appreaciate it! I'm registering for fall as we speak and since I made Dean's list, I was able to register way back in April, however, I forgot I needed to add a kinesiology class or else I can't graduate on time!
    I couldn't agree more, that's why I'd rather deal with patients more in depth than just family practice bceause while they'll treat/see common things like sore throats and sprained ankles, and prescribe meds, which is great and all, but like you said, when there is a serious problem, there is rarely a chance they treat the patient in house, they are almost always refered to an outpatient site or other specialty clinic. And BTW, that's amazing that you're an internal medicine physician! If you don't mind, when the time comes I'd like to be able to ask you some questions about the MCAT, GRE, residency and other things like that, I just don't want to become bothersome or anything. lol.
    LMAO! My gf's ex's dad is a is in family practitice and I told her the funniest thing ever was that her ex's dad touched my balls (for a physical) before she did.. HAHA!

    And I'm going for orthopedics/physical therapy. I got really into it when I broke my leg three years ago. Going through the care, treatment, and recovery process, plus the computer programs and machines I used during some shadowing/intern work I did the year before I broke it was amazing. This may sound lame, but do you know of any medical forums? lol.
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