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  • At least it was a cool breeze blowing today when sitting!

    What do you think of the rousch rear valance? saleen driver :)
    Yea this sucks. I just got the car home Friday night and put delete plates and my cai on it and then it fuckin snow/sleet/rain whatever you want to call it. Good news its supposed to be 50's next week well atleast that's what they say now
    Hey man, enjoying today's weather? Just when you think spring is around the corner and cruising days and car shows are upon us.....bam!
    Damn you have a good size project on your hands. Keep me informed how it's coming.

    I've got just some bolt ons to go on lca's, relo brackets, panhard bar, delete plates, cai and a tuner plus my d/r's. I should have the stuff bolted on by the time rock falls opens if the snow is gone by the.
    well ,I got a wrecked 08 mustang gt with full Eleanor body kit from one of the insuarance auctions and now trying to piece it back together. It was hit hard on the front right corner, bended both frame rails, apron is bend pretty bad, ECU smashed and wires from it are cut off. Last week I had a shop cut and replace frame rails with apron, pulled the frame with the frame machine and now I got another shop doing electrical work this wednesday so I can get it started, then its gona go to body shop for some fresh paint
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