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    Closest to the Wall Trophy

    That would be the spot!
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    Closest to the Wall Trophy

    It will likely end up next to the rotor that shattered on me at Road America. (That one should have cost me a car, but luckily just ended the session on the warm up lap and needed a tow back to the paddock.)
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    Closest to the Wall Trophy

    The attachment point is undamaged. The real damage is the thick plastic piece that was holding it in place. The mirror glass is supposed to be attached to it. That broke off right behind the mirror. I think it was mostly the speed at which I hit that caused it to snap. Not a very expensive part...
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    Closest to the Wall Trophy

    Actually this was the reverse. The wall is at the setup of the turn, I drove into it. Never concerned me getting close to the wall to set up the left hander, this time I just got a little too close. While this is the same armco that ate the passenger side of SoundGuyDave's car, this is a little...
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    Closest to the Wall Trophy

    Picked up a souvenir from Mid Ohio last weekend. I tell my students to use all the track, apparently I was trying to use just a bit more.
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    "We're out of roast beef..."

    Well we wanted the splitter, but we figured that when it went missing Sunday morning you might figure out what happened when we asked you to help modify the nose of my car so I could make a new splitter fit.
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    "We're out of roast beef..."

    I think you're right about the contagious bad luck. I spent a lot of time on Saturday helping my student with brake issues. (It seems that whoever last worked on the brakes thought bleeder valves should be tightened with an impact wrench.) Then Sunday he cracked a rotor (Drilled rotor cracked...
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    "We're out of roast beef..."

    You're looking at this all wrong. The truth is that Saturday I was faster than Joe and on Sunday you were faster than I was, so bragging rights are all yours. Now this sadly is nothing but flat out lies. I was not lifting to let you keep up, I was lifting to keep from pushing all four tires...
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    First HPDE: Sonoma Raceway

    I'm a little curious about you mean by this. Asking mainly because you say you have to concentrate so much to go through the turns. Was wondering if you meant that you could get it to where you wanted but where you wanted the car to be changed and you had to continually make steering...
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    Roll Cages Road Race/Autocross/Driving Days vs Drag Race

    I picked up an R3 specifically so I could wear it in my students' cars. There is more movement in a 3 point set up than there is when it locked down with shoulder straps, but it will limit how far you neck can snap forward. I also use it in MM roll bar equiped Mustang in TT and have used it for...
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    Brake Pad Recommendations for Track Use

    ddd4114.your braking was fine. For the fronts, ducting is a very good idea, at least remove the dust shields to let more air at the rotors. Your front pads shouldn't have gone completely in the two days on the track especially considering not all the sessions were dry. A few questions, did you...
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    Carolina Motorsports Park Auto X

    Or your friend's brother's car. Also remember when you stop on track, after you turn on your hazards, get out and run away from your car, you wouldn't want to be in it when it's hit.
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    Road Race/Autocross guys

    Road Race: OE Calipers and Rotors, DTC60/HT10 pads.
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    Track brake tech primer

    You want to look at what the part does for you. Let's say that the 20% greater cooling efficiency they claim means the part will last 50% longer. Rotors are wear items if you are driving hard (if your not driving hard you don't need to improve your rotors.) DBA also claims that their slots make...
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    autocross and observances

    Sorry, inside joke, Dave knows how few mods are on my car, brake pads, tires, seats, harness and roll bar.
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    autocross and observances

    Well I wouldn't touch the brakes if that big round thing you hold on to keep in your seat would ever consider helping to change the car's direction.
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    autocross and observances

    Dave, I've got 18 points left in TTC, so I probably won't be coming up to TTB. What's this I hear aobut you and Joe and CMC2? I actually went the cheap route this winter and will be out with a SM for some events next year. Terry Leroux 2010 NASA Great Lakes just ahead of TTC First Loser...
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    autocross and observances

    Dave, can you teach me how you do this trail-brak rotation and what mods I need on my car to do it? :evil:
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    Hooked on cornering, please advise :)

    I'd also note that Civic he pointed by didn't pass him by outbraking him. Braking will will drop lap times by the smallest amount.
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    Suspension recommendations

    I ran Hankook Ventus rs2 tires and DTC 60 fronts, HT 10 rear and they were plenty for the tires. Could easily get ABS to kick on and no problem with fading. (Also with SS brake lines, upgraded fluid and brake ducts.)
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    Hooked on cornering, please advise :)

    My $.02 to go with Dave's points: 1) Track time is the most important by far. I would also recommend keeping an instructor longer rather than trying to move to solo as fast as possible. I see a lot of drivers anxious to move to solo and had students with less track time able to chase them...
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    Racing schools?

    Hope you enjoy the Bondurant class. I considered them, but decided I wanted to drive Laguna Seca, if they provide the cars I might as well pick a track I'd like to drive but is too far to tow. The Barber class turned out very well, there were 8 drivers there for the MX5 school so they didn't...
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    Racing schools?

    That's the class I'm taking.
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    Racing schools?

    I'll let you know, I'm heading out to take a Barber school between Christmas an New Years. Terry
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    Charging system??

    The obvious solution is to quickly repaint your car before another alternator gives out.

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