1. WasabiWarlord

    Issues w/ Speakers

    I've inherited my dad's old 2014 Mustang 3.7L Premium, and I'm trying to return the audio system back to stock after a sketchy install my dad was fleeced $2500 out of for. I've removed everything to include the aftermarket amplifiers, head unit, dash kit w/ AC controls, and related wiring. I...
  2. Jack Wallace

    Options on my 2007 GT

    I need to get a new front lighting harness for my 2007 Mustang GT Premium. There are several options based on whether the car had the Halogens vs. LEDs, Anti-Theft, Perimeter alarm, etc. and I am trying to figure out which one my car had from the factory. It's a premium, so I'm almost sure it...
  3. Jack Wallace

    Ground/wiring locations

    Hey guys! Currently in the process of restoring a 2007 Mustang GT. I’m redoing a lot of the factory wiring as some of it is damaged or just looks dingy and I’ve got a couple questions about the grounds. I’ve relocated the battery to the trunk, so I will be relocating all of the grounds (all 2...
  4. RepulsiveReject

    A BIG (possible) Wiring Project! (S197 II Interior Harness into S197 I)

    Alright! I’ve done some minor changes to my 2007 S197 v6, but there are a couple things that I am extremely interested in, and haven’t seen many ideas/information about them: First!! For ANY professionals with gauge clusters, i’ve got a big question for you! How difficult would it really be to...
  5. Dusty13GT

    ‘13 ambient temperature sensor wiring

    Hello, pretty new here but I’m trying to track down my ambient temperature sensor because my EXT temp constantly reads 50* outside. I know where the sensor/wiring SHOULD be but mine is not connected to the horn wiring like I’ve found on diagrams and seen on videos. My harness at the horn also...
  6. I

    No crank No start full power non battery related

    Hello, I have a 2008 mustang GT premium. Was looking for a possible solution to a problem that is occurring. Had an issue with starting sometimes it would start fine then other times nothing at all. The car has full power and EVERYTHING works, The best way I can describe the issue, is that its...
  7. Deathstang II

    Converting the Green Interior LEDs to Red?

    Want to first start off by saying hi! New to the forums and look forward to the many future forum threads. Been having this project I've been wanting to do for a while to change out the puke green interior lighting to Red in both the steering wheel controls, door locks, and HVAC. Only problem...
  8. J

    4.0 s197 coyote swap wiring.

    Hello, I hope you are all doing well. I have swapped my 2006 mustang that was an auto V6 to a 2014 gen 1 coyote with a Tremec 3650 tranny and an 8.8 rear end. The swap is all done minus a portion of the wiring. I have the Ford Performance gen 1 control pack that came with a new computer and...
  9. C

    06 GT Multiple Problems

    Okay so I’ve searched and searched but no one seems to be having the same exact problems that I am and the best way to go about this is just to explain what happened. I was sitting in a drive through and all the sudden I hear a squealing noise that sounds like some sort of siren, I look behind...
  10. slackinoff

    Starter wire question....

    There is another wire that comes out of the loom that contains the positive cable for the starter.....I thought this was the trigger wire to the starter, but it doesn't reach the starter! the positive cable does though. Where does this shorter wire go? Is the trigger wire going to come from a...
  11. C

    2008 Mustang GT Transmission Swap Wiring Problem

    Hello Guys, I'm new and I'm breaking the unspoken rule of asking for help before giving any but I'm hoping that with your help I will be providing help to someone in the future with getting this solved. Ok, So for 2 Months now i have been trolling every forum and bought a Haynes Manual but cant...
  12. M

    Tail light problems

    After buying my 05 4.0L convertible I noticed the top was leaking and prior to me having it replaced a decent amount of water got into the car. Initially I had no issues other than me having to vacuum all the gunk out but a couple of weeks later some of the brake lights stopped coming on. I...

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