2013 gt/cs rear suspension not level

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    Hey guys I am new here and just got a 2013 gt/cs. I have not had a Mustang since the 80's. Back then I had owned several. I wanted one ever since my 69 Boss 302 was damaged by a Texas tornado, but kids,grandkids,wife,and life in general prevented me from having another one.

    I just bought a 2 owner very nice 2013 gt/cs.

    The driver side rear sits 1" lower than the other 3 corners. On the older Mustangs a new set of rear springs would have most likely cured the problem. What should I do to get my 13 gt level. My eyes go right to the unlevel rear--kind of like a pimple on a good lookin girls nose. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. I have owned boss 302's and 429"s, 390 and 428 Mustangs, and several other performance Fords . Don't let anyone try to fool you about older Fords . These new 5.0 Mustangs have got it all--performance, comfort, and looks. I am sure glad to get one. I just wish I was not so old.
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    you've measured the height of the fender opening on both sides to get that 1" difference?

    is your question what to buy to replace the springs(not tech - a chat question) or how to fix the issue with what's on the car (is a tech question)?
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    It could be several things....
    Are you on level ground when looking at and/or taking measurements?
    Broken spring - Possible but not likely
    Worn spring - Possible but not likely for one to wear more so than the other
    The PO's installed lowering springs and when going back to stock left out the upper and lower spring rubber isolaters or mixed up the the lowering and factory springs.
    Pull the springs to inspect them and if not broken swap them left for right to see if the sag follows the spring. If it does, the spring is worn. Replace with factory or aftermarket lowering springs in pairs.
    Worn/deteriorated suspension bushings - Check them over, use a large screwdriver or prybar to see if all the bushings are tight and replace as necessary.