2020 Northwoods Shelby Track schedule

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    Received the following from NWSC this am regarding their 2020 schedule.

    Thanks for another successful 2019 season.
    Our tentative 2020 dates are:

    Spring Road America Event: April 25-26

    Autobahn Event: June 6-7

    Summer Road America Event: July 2-5 (We will be running the advanced day, Thursday, again)

    Blackhawk Farms Event: August 22-23

    We don't sign contracts until December so for now the dates are tentative.
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    Along those lines....there is an event still this year in Wis Dells.

    There's backroad cruises, hot laps at Dells Raceway Park (1/3 mile banked asphalt oval), car show and autocross.

    Its always a good time. Tons of Mustangs from all over the midwest show up. I have no affiliation to any of this, just passing along some info in case anyone is interested.
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    I've been wanting to go to the C4C but just has not worked out for me, several of my friends have attended and had a great time.
    I didn't make it to one car show this year, car show season in MN is just about over... :(
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    Registration is now open for the Northwoods Shelby HPDE events for 2020.

    -Registration for all 2020 events opened new year's day.
    -Membership is required for anyone who drives on track. Tech form must be completed before registering for an event.
    -This year's Road America cookout will be on Saturday night, July 4, not Friday night as it was in the past.

    -Spring Fling at Road America, April 25-26, Cost: $250 for one day, $425 for both days.

    -Summer Blast at Autobahn Country Club, June 6-7, Cost: $230 for Saturday,
    $185 for Sunday, $375 for both days. Saturday includes running the full track from 5:00 pm until dusk.

    -45th Annual Midwest Invitational at Road America, July 2-5, Cost: Thursday; (Advanced Drivers Only), $425 if you run two or more additional days, $850 if you want to run Thursday only. Thursday is a true open track day with stops only for lunch and any red flags. Friday, Saturday, Sunday; $275 for one day, $485 for two days, $685 for three days.

    Thursday registration:

    Friday/Saturday/Sunday registration:

    -13th Annual Blackhawk Farms Event: August 22-23, Cost: $195 for one day,
    $340 for both days.


    -TECH form: