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Dec 14, 2009
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Here's the Beef with the New Gen6 3.0L Whipple and the S650

With the release of the new S650 comes more innovation and features and to compliment the new Mustang Platform is the NEW Gen 6 3.0L Whipple Supercharger. Don't get us wrong the Gen 5 3.0L Whipple was a beast but there is always room for improvement.

Some of the new features of the Gen 6 3.0L Whipple include an updated bearing plate and inlet port shape which will help increase rotor filling. These new features will help decrease temps and increase overall airflow throughout the duration of the RPM Curve. Testing showed that with the same pulley size and conditions the Gen 6 blower made approximately 30-35hp more than the Gen 5 on 91 octane. The numbers would most likely be more with higher octane but still impressive non the less.

Along with blower improvements Whipple also revised the throttle body design to more of a round/oval. The previously "roval" design performed great and made good power and assisted in allowing clearance for the hood but some customers reported idle control issues. The round shape of the new blade not only increases flow but also seals better. To put it into perspective the new 112mm throttle body flows the same as the previous roval 132mm throttle body.

The improved airflow not only increases power but also aids in keeping temperatures lower. The Dual Core, Dual Pass intercooler setup. Two is always better than one and with the two intercoolers below the new Gen 6 the proof is in the pudding. To complement the increased cooling capability of the dual intercooler Whipple has also utilized dual 3/4" inlets and outlets as well as the the beefiest (pun intended) pump they could use.


Difference Between Stage 1 vs Stage 2

So what's the difference between a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Kit? Well the most prominent difference is the calibration from Whipple. The Stage 2 calibration is more aggressive in terms of shift points, spark, and higher rev limiters.

The other main difference is the Stage 1 kit comes with a Single 92mm GT500 Throttle Body, while the Stage 2 kit comes with the Billet 112mm round throttle body (uses GT500 Electronics) we discussed earlier. Word on the street is eventually there will be an optional 120mm Throttle body for race applications.

The Stage 1 Complete Kit will have an option of purchasing the kit with a 36K Mile Powertrain Warranty which will cover up to $7500 in engine damage and 2K in transmission damage. This warranty is only for vehicles with less than 36K Miles or Less than 3 years old.


The new S650 kits will use the factory fuel pump setup, but injectors for the stage 1 & 2 kits will use the Bosch 55lb/hr Fuel Injectors. These are the same injectors used in the 2018-2023 Mustang Kits. The kit will also come standard with a set of fancy Billet Fuel Rails w/ 6an inlets/outlets (Also heard there might be an 8an upgrade coming in the future incase you want to go for a custom fuel setup)

Were it all comes together, how Whipple handled the Dual Throttle Bodies

So we know what you are thinking. What happens with the dual throttle body and intake. Whipple's Gen6 Kit for the Mustang will use Fords Dual Air Intake Setup but will merge the intake pipes into a single throttle body at the mouth of the supercharger so will will merge into either the 92mm Throttle Body or the new 112mm Throttle Body we highlighted.

Whipple originally designed a dual throttle body inlet which they nicknamed "hammerhead" but quickly ran into issues.

The much larger inlet to accommodate the dual throttle bodies interfered with the the mounting location of the supercharger pulley. So for a Pulley change you would have to remove the entire inlet which means no more quick pulley swaps.

Another issue was the hood line of the new S650 Mustang required that the neck of the blower point downwards a significant amount which dampened a lot of airflow and created turbulence which is no good. After testing Dual 80mm Throttle Bodies and even Dual 102mm Throttle Bodies a single inlet provided the best overall function and airflow. If a single 120mm Throttle body can flow enough to make 2000hp then all should be good here.


Boost out of the Box

So what kind of Boost Numbers can be expected from the new Kit. Well the NEW Gen 6 3.0L Whipple Stage 1 & 2 Kits for the S650 use a 3.75" Pulley that will push about 12psi.

Final Piece of the Puzzle: Tuning

So with the new model comes the new struggles of unlocking and tuning Fords PCM. Just like the 21+ F-150 the new PCM is harder to get into than Taylor Swifts DM's. Well maybe not, but none the less with Whipple's growing relationship with Ford they have the ability to tune the PCM for these Kits. The Stage 1 & 2 Kits will come with a 50 State Legal Calibration so there will be fun for everyone. Even people in Cali!

Some notable features of Whipple's Calibrations is the ability to change gear ratio, tire size, and more within the Tune like Crank Relearn. With the vast reaches of this kit across the country and globe Whipple's Calibration also features use of the adaptive throttle body. This allows the car to react to extreme temperatures. If it's cold as balls or hot as balls then the throttle body will limit power so that the car does not exceed the safe range which we are told is about 800hp.

Even though Custom Tuning isn't available yet the Whipple Calibration will keep a smile on your face until our Awesome lineup of Tuners are able to get these bad boys unlocked and dialed in.


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Dec 14, 2009
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Bethel, Ohio
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