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    Hello all,

    I am wondering if there is a quicker way to adjust camber than dropping the strut to access the camber plate?

    I want to adjust camber quickly at the track so I don't have to drive many road miles with a lot of camber and kill tires all summer. I'll be completing an internship and will be away from access to tools and the ability to change alignment, by dropping the strut, the day before/after. CC plates will be marked so track alignment is close and I have I'll the car properly aligned after.

    The only way I've seen to accomplish this is a hole saw to the top of the strut tower. I am curious how this would hold up in the long run?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. otani25

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    While I appreciate the picture, you could use the opportunity to share your knowledge and educate someone. I know the consequences of an improper alignment and wouldn't do a quick change setup if it didn't work properly. I have access to an alignment shop where I could test my operation quickly (to ensure accuracy) but wanted input from someone who has more knowledge than I. Instead you've put a bad taste in my mouth of your company. I was very interested in the development of your products, was.
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    The "corner carver" sub-forum has a treasure trove of info and Terry Fair/Vorshlag posts frequently, offering a ton of helpful advice based on real-world track experience. I'm not a Vorshlag Kool-Aid drinking fan boy but I do appreciate a vendor and enthusiast sharing hard to come by knowledge.

    I'm not a corner carver but I like to turn wrenches and make my car a little better with each modification. I recently purchased Vorshlag CC plates. Top quality and extremely well-engineered parts, imo. Adjustments are pretty easy and quick (jack up the front, move the plates to the index mark you want, lower the front, and you're ready to go). No noise, either. I would recommend these c/c plates to a friend.


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    Here you go. You bought a badly designed camber plate. There is no easy way to fix it without a complete replacement. There are good camber plates out there that can be easily adjusted, but BC Racing (and most Chinese/Taiwanese) parts aren't tailored to the car and built by people that know how the parts work.

    And the people that DO put in the hours to design and build good parts don't want to support junk parts.
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    Well looks like somebody got #triggered. I have learned several things over the many years I have been doing this...

    1. People mostly post "questions" about their parts on forums and social media looking for affirmations of their purchasing decisions.
    2. People who buy the BC racing / eBay / China level parts are never going to buy Vorshlag products. (Well, maybe years and many failures down the line, after buying the same low end parts and failing in all the ways we warn about, maybe... just maybe they will get so frustrated with the cheap stuff they will come around)
    3. Spending my time to actively "explain" why Taiwan/China parts are not quality/reliable/easy to use, only further #triggers the people listed above. People hate being shown that they made poor decisions. It is a lose-lose situation.

    So no, I will not spend time here explaining the downsides for $100 camber plates, or "chasing a sale" from people who bought the "bottom of the barrel" option. It only makes matters worse. After this many years in business my time is better spent answering questions when asked, sharing tech on our products in the appropriate places - not in the middle of posts for competing products. But please, show me another user here sharing as much useful suspension tech - I'll buy that person a beer.


    Instead, I use denigrating memes. When people can finance the $500 coilovers direct from American Muscle, they aren't ever going to be my customers anyway.

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  7. Ken04

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    I won't beat you down for your camber plates. Some people just don't know or are given bad advice. So disregard the stupid memes, I know which plates you bought. I still have a brand new set in a box in my garage. And even though mine were free, I still didn't use them. The old live and learn saying applies here.

    Your best bet is to buy a good set of on the car CC plates. There's more than a few for sale that are good pieces. Count this is a relatively cheap lesson with a reminder do due your research next time.

    All good, enjoy your car.
  8. otani25

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    Thank you to those that were helpful, that was really my question. I bought the BC parts when I just wanted the car low, but now I've done a few autoX and track days and I want to go a HPDE route. I've already spent the money, so I figure I'd ask wondering if someone made the same mistake.

    I'm aware that the Vorshlag reps have a plethora of knowledge and greatly appreciate you all supporting the community. I'm glad someone gave me an answer rather than a meme.
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