diambo4life's 2014 GT Project


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Feb 3, 2023
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Hello fellas and gals, I have had my 2014 GT for over 3 years now and immediately made it a project after driving it for a few months. I knew I needed more. Now, my background is in Mitsubishis, DSMs (over 20+ years) but a very good friend of mine got me into Coyote Mustangs years ago when he bought and modded his then brand new 2011 GT. When the 13-14 GT body style came out, I knew I wanted one. So, come Jan 2020 right before the Covid nonsense, I saw a mint DIB MT82 2014 GT for sale in Kansas (only 2 owners and had 46000 miles) and I immediately drove there and picked it up. I did the normal wheels and tires and suspension mods. I never touched the engine or drivetrain at all because I knew I was going to do more later. I drove the car for about a year and took it to the track twice and managed a [email protected] stock. I started accumulating parts for the build slowly and finally decided to park the car and start the build. Keep in mind this was with ZERO prior experience working on a Coyote so I was learning as I went.

See this thread that walks through my timeline. https://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/my-street-s197-mustang.536078/badazzs.jpg

Final product.
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