Eibach Sportlines and road noise

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Geosh, Dec 6, 2019.

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    I bought my 2006 earlier this year with Sportlines already installed. I haven’t had a Mustang since my 1998, so I’ve been out of the game for a little bit.

    I recently test drove a 2011 that had stock suspension, and I was amazed at how much quieter it was. I know Mustangs aren’t the quietest cars, but now I’m wondering if maybe the springs in my car are contributing to a large increase in road noise? I’m in AZ, and one of our freeways is a little loud in my SUV, but I’m my Mustang it is down right annoying. Surface streets don’t seem to be as much of an issue, as my exhaust covers up enough noise at those speeds.

    Just curious to those who have them, did you notice a jump in noise after install?

    Oh, and if it matters the car only has 47k miles on it and the tires are new Nittos.
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    differences in tires, bushings and age of the cars will have a lot more to do with it than springs
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    I’d wager the jump to 2011 from 2006 played a lot bigger part than the springs did.
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    Tires. Nittos are noisy in my experience. I have run one set of 555s and 3 sets of 01s and they all were noisy.
  5. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    Springs by themselves actually have very little to do with increasing road noise. Tires would be the main culprit on my list, especially those that have lower profiles with shorter sidewalls. Those with taller sidewalls are considered less prone to increasing road noise. Polyurethane bushings are also more prone to increasing road noise over OEM rubber bushings as the poly bushings don't absorb quite as well as their rubber counterparts. Suspension parts such as control arms, sway bar/end links, struts/shocks, especially those with polyurethane bushings are also major contributing factors as well. Strut mounts when they wear out will also increase road noise, especially the OEM mounts which are crap to begin with lol. That being said, it's your suspension components that you should really be concerned about more than over the type of springs you have on your car :shrug:
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    Chances are that with the 2010 redesign, the engineers did do some NVH tweaks to the cars as well so that may be a factor.
  7. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    The 2011 that was test driven by the OP also had the stock suspension. As for his 2006? all he mentioned in his post is that his "06" has Eibach Sportline springs. However there was no mention as to whether or not there may be other suspension mods in addition to his Eibach Sportline springs? Chances are, he may not even know at this point. So until then, who can really say for certain what's actually increasing his car's NVH issues? If the only suspension upgrade to his car was the sportline springs? I highly doubt they would be a factor for increasing his road noise issues. I also don't see how any tweaks with the 2010 redesign would be related unless your comparing identical suspension setups between the 2010 redesign and his 2006 stock for stock, otherwise it would be like trying to compare apples to oranges rather than from apples to apples. Anyhow, just saying :shrug:
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