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  • Hey! I read one of your replies to a thread, and I'm really curious, are you using the 5.0 coyote factory PCM/harness in your swap? I've been digging for someone who has done this, and it's impossible to find someone who's done this. I'm after doing it, and I'd LOVE to talk about it, if you don't mind?
    When the car is cold and hasn't been driven I can fill it up just fine. So I was going to look into other options of dealing with this before re-routing the exhaust. Also I'd like to get rid of that cover like you did. I appreciate any advice you can offer. I had to post this in parts because it was too long. Idk how to PM.
    I repaired the line and wrapped it in DEI heat shielding and it didn't melt a hole in the repair but the heat causes the tube to collapse on itself when I add gas which causes me to not be able to fill my tank.
    Hey I saw you had a post on here where you mentioned that you changed your evap system to the "2013 vintage one" I was wondering if you had any info on where I could buy the specific one you did. My exhaust melted through the tube on the right side of the tank.
    Hey I've got an 06 base looking to gen 1 or 2 f150 coyote swap without a control pack. Could I just use the factory pcm/ecu from the gen 2 f150(different timing than gen 1) or is there a reason to use the mustang pcm.
    If you want to have the stock dash work, must use gen 1 pcm. You can use a stock pcm, but will have to deal with PATS, aka, pay to have it deleted from pcm. Or use the crate 6 control pack strategy, that will bypass PATS but wont pass smog inspection. No matter what route you go, tuning WIiLL be required if you dont want a check engine light.

    Seems like you have the right engine and the same series car as mine. Mind if we swap contact information and chat a bit?
    Sure, but I wont be much help with the trans tuning.
    I don't see a way to DM on here, do you use Twitter? I'd rather not post my information completely public :) If you do, I'm @mrjoetate, give me a follow and I'll DM you my email/cell.
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