Fake side scoops

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by Bart23Sept, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Bart23Sept

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    Do they just pull off or is there a trick to it? I'm guessing double sided tape so a little heat or solvent will do the trick?

  2. stkjock

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    Pleas don’t ever put a question like this in tech again.

  3. Bart23Sept

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    my bad. any idea about the question above?
  4. Bart23Sept

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    Anyone? Did a google search and found references that said factory GT side scoops actually have more than just tape, there are clips through the body in addition to tape. So if I removed them it sounds like there would be holes in the body panel. Can anyone confirm that please?

  5. Pentalab

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    I think that both the aftermarket side scoops and the replacement ford oem scoops both just use tape. I looked into the side scoops 5 years ago, so have forgotten about them. I dumped the idea in the end. They just don't look right to me. Something else to come flying off the car when at speed, one more item to slow it down. Ask one of the ford dealers, or one of the folks here on S197 that works at a ford dealership.
  6. Bart23Sept

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    Thanks for the reply @Pentalab

    I looked into it some more, it looks like dealer installed scoops are tape only but factory applied scoops are tape plus either nuts/bolts or plastic body trim type clips. The only way to know for sure is to remove interior panels to look for fasteners before removing the scoops. I bought my car used so the scoops (and the pedestal spoiler) were on there already. I guess I can live with the scoops but I might look for a trade for a trunk lid with the lip spoiler. No biggy either way and thanks again.
  7. skwerl

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    I have a 2014 GT/CS and never cared for the side scoops. I chose the car because of the upgraded seats. I looked into removing the scoops when I bought it but never did, too much hassle. Easier to just leave them alone instead of possibly gouging up the car and reducing resale value.
  8. BullittSS

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    ^1 on the seats -- the interior of the GT/CS has several upgraded features that significantly improve aesthetics. I ordered a GT/CS for the interior and front end treatment -- I really like the black billet style grill with the tri-bar
    pony emblem. I'm not a fan of the pedestal spoiler -- it really compromises rear view vision. I would prefer not to have side scoops unless they are functional, but I wouldn't take them off. Even if they're only applied with adhesive, there is the possibility of mismatched paint after a few years..