Issues with CD Player of Shaker 500

Discussion in 'Tunes!' started by Red Baron, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Red Baron

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    I have a 2006 Mustang GT Premium with the Shaker 500 6 CD Player. I ran into some issues last week when I put in a couple of CDR CDs which apparently were not recorded in the audio mode. These CDs could not be read and I had problems ejecting them. I finally was able to dislodge them and get them out of the CD player and noticed a message indicating that the CD player was "Initializing". Now when I play my CDs the volume changes both up and down something that has never happened before. I'm going to eject out all of my CDs and run a CD Head CD Head Cleaner disc to see if this will eliminate the crazy volume changes I'm now getting when I play my CDs. I have now recorded my home made CDs using the proper "audio" mode and they do work on a CD player I have in my office radio/CD player so I believe that they will now work in the Shaker 500 CD Player.
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    Ford has the WORST CD changer in head unit, out there. It's a common
    problem with their radios with CD Changers. You either need a new carriage,
    fix the carriage (there are YouTube videos), or replace the radio. Head cleaner
    disc will do NOTHING for the mechanism, and that could also get stuck in the
    same manner.

    I use MP3s, have been for years, so I do not burn CDs anymore. If the CD player
    in car supports MP3, then that's what I use. I encode them at 320 Kbit rate, max
    sampling, stereo (not Joint Stereo). Bigger files, yes, but no difference in quality.
    I now have a 120 SSD in my VW (MDI Port), and two 64GB USBs on my Eonon
    Android Radio. SO, my whole library is 120GB. That includes tons of Movie Audio
    rips, and 10+ TV series audio rips, for work. I drive 8 hours a day...
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    The Shaker in my '06 does not eject CDs properly. I'm not a fan of aftermarket head units but I think this would be my best alternatives. I would rather have a pro shop install it. Any recommendations on a shop in San Fernando Valley would be appreciated.