Just purchased my 1st Mustang

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Octavious, May 15, 2018.

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    12A0A0FE-A27D-4268-B3BB-8DA3185B774B.jpeg Long story short I’ve been into air cooled cars, Jeeps, and motorcycles. After almost getting hit head on while riding I decided motorcycles might not be good for my health, and wanted a fun daily driver. My kids wanted a convertible. Insert the Mustang...

    I tried to do as much research as I could before going in and searched for 1.5 months before purchasing my first Mustang last weekend.

    Initially I was looking at 05-06s cause they fit my budget better. (I used the money I had from selling my bikes to buy the Mustang) and then I realized the 07+ had side airbags so I tried to find one of those.

    Eventually I found an 08 GT premium convertible with a manual and contacted the seller. It was in Atlanta, about 3 hours from me, but super clean and almost stock. The only mods are mufflers removed, cats still in place, and straight exhaust installed. It came with two small Flow Master mufflers in the trunk. It has 125k miles,and reciepts for a new clutch, new Michelin tires. But other than that no records.

    I’ve been reading on here and now I’m worried about the plugs and not sure how long ago or if they have ever been done. I saw a thread here saying there was a date in late 07 when they corrected the heads but it didn’t say when. Can anyone tell me? Also anyone in Knoxville wanna walk the newb through a plug change?

    And the a/c worked fine all last week, but cut out yesterday, and then came back on a few minutes later. It seems to be working fine now. Thoughts?

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    Nice stang man! Yes the 07-09s have the goodies the 05-06s dont have.

    The spark plug issue, if you have early 3v heads, arent a huge issue if the plugs dont have like 100k+ miles on them and you have access to the lisle tool and a lot of patience. There are 2 things to look at, the better heads were rolled out in october of 07 so look for that date sticker, and also check the coil boots they will be brown if theyre the newer style 3v heads.

    The ac issue Ive never heard of so I cant help you there. The only thing I can think of is maybe its low on refrigerant and doesnt work well at idle/low speeds but starts working when moving again.
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    The AC will cut out like you're describing when the PCM detects a misfire. But you'll also see a flashing check engine light if you're misfiring. I wonder if there are any pending fault codes on the car.

    And congrats on the purchase.
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    Thanks. I had a a/c kit at home and I checked and found the procedure on the online manual about checking and adding refrigerant. I followed the procedure, I found that it was low, and added some. It’s been ok since then so I’m hoping that was all it was.

    I also found a had a burnt out rear turn signal and replaced it. Yeah first fix out of the way.
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