Mankato Motorsports Park

Discussion in 'Corner Carver Racing Tech Discussion' started by JJ427R, Mar 25, 2020 at 7:40 PM.

  1. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    Another possible new track coming to MN. Mankato Motorsports Park has a 3 mile track plan with possibility of splitting into two smaller tracks and also Condo Garages . This is one of two proposed tracks now in the works in southern MN. Here's link to website, they are also on facebook.
  2. Greg D

    Greg D Junior Member

    I watched the video and the course looks awesome. Very high-speed, though, with long straights, little elevation change. It's a long way from Texas, so trailering to Mankato would be few and far between for me. Thanks for the link!
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