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Discussion in 'Pictures and Videos' started by Mrerob, May 3, 2019.

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    92F560F6-4426-4EE7-A405-35966E4A2CF3.jpeg C15EB806-8058-4A5A-A2B0-545FC6013FA2.jpeg I purchased this mustang September 2018 as a DD. I seen it and immediately loved it. And then I heard it run and drove it, it’s FBO I would say although it has shorties not long tubes and still has cats. I am a diesel technician by trade (commercial vehicles) I have had fords my whole life I currently am restoring a 65 Fairlane and have had thunderbirds, Rangers, F-150s. Ford has never let me down. I have not been on any forum in years, I had forgotten how useful of a tool forums can be, and it’s nice to have discussions with like minded people
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    Welcome aboard.
  3. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    Welcome to S197 forums and thank you for sharing your experiences as a life long blue oval owner and enthusiast. Also congrats on your S197 GT, she's a real beauty :waytogo:
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    Greetings/Welcome from East-Central NE...sit down, log-in & enjoy the ride!!!

    Sweet pony ya got there! My big bro's a Diesel Shop Service Mgr...he drove OTR for many miles/years & then started wrench'n. Loves being in the shop now vs. constantly racking-up miles.
  5. Mrerob

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    Thanks, that trucker life is difficult, that’s probably why there is a major shortage of them now. I’m about ready for an office job myself been turning wrenches for 14 years
  6. 86GT351

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    Nice Ride. Welcome!
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