2019 Bullitt rear end CLUNKING


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Aug 1, 2023
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Philadelphia PA
Hey everyone I'm hoping that someone here has experience or some answers with a consistent problem that I'm having with my 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt. When I'm going over uneven surfaces, speed bumps or even slight little bumps in the roads basically uneven at low speeds I hear an obnoxious clunking sound coming from the rear. The noise tends to be worse or more noticable when I'm turning to the left over bumps. Sometimes it's a double clunk. I've had multiple people inside including technicians and everyone says the same thing it sounds like a hard CLUNK.

I've had it to two different dealerships. The first replaced the entire rear subframe connector which includes the bushings inside the SFC, both rear shocks, both rear rotors and as soon as I left the lot the same clunk was present. Corporate sent me to a different dealer who found that the first dealer didn't replace the exhaust correctly leaving it hanging 4-5 inches behind where it should have been and reinstalled the exhaust and.... CLUNK CLUNK still. They took it back in and replaced the rear endlink swaybar bushings or something and...CLUNK. it went back in again after the exhaust selection mode stopped working and took the exhaust all the way off and noticed that there was an H pipe installed so they started working on the exhaust again and made sure to reinstall everything properly and added some extra harnesses and hangers and got everything right and back in place and....CLUNK CLUNK.

I'm at my wits end over here guys and gals. Save for the rear itself what else could possibly be causing such an obnoxious clunking?? For all I know it might be at all speeds and I can only hear it when I'm cruising under 5MPH and going over uneven surfaces. All I can confirm is that like I said above every single time that I'm under 10MPH and going over bumps or turning left its CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. It's rarely back to back although sometimes that happens. From the sound of it and again I'm not certain of this but it seems like it may possibly be something rotational if that makes sense as it seems to take a few seconds to happen again. Please. I'm begging everyone for any and all suggestions or help. I'll list again right here in 1 space the following parts are absolutely brand new:

Rear shocks

Rear subframe connector entire piece

Rear rotors

Rear driver's side swaybar endlink bushing

Exhaust adjusted and tightened


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Dec 9, 2008
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Across the pond!
Unless it is something simple like the rear seat back rattling in the latch I would look at the rear diff flange, quite a few Mach 1 owners here in the UK have had them replaced due to a clunking sound


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Aug 6, 2011
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central Florida
I know the newer Mustangs after 2015 have the IRS rear suspension but my 2009 Bullitt had a solid rear axle. I also had a clunk and discovered it was a loose panhard bar. I had installed a new adjustable one and forgot to tighten up the locking nut on the adjuster. Took me 3-4 months to find it, discovered it when I had it on a lift for another issue and was wiping down parts with a rag.

If you can get it on a lift and just grab a rag and start pulling on every piece you can find, you may find the loose piece.

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