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    Ok so ive been reading for a while now and can't seem to find a definite answer people agree on. I'm planning on getting bc-br series coilovers soon but cant figure out what spring rate to run, I do a lot of spirited driving on the roads, but this is also my daily driver so what spring rate would you guys recommend for the best mix of the two, and if not the br series bc what coilovers for about 1200 would you guys recommend as i will also want camber the front about -3 degrees and lower the car significantly as the lowering springs i have now aren't cutting it anymore. So, any advice for spring rate would be recommended as I'm thinking somewhere around 7k, but again no have experience lol
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    I am running Ridetech coilovers. I know they are far from the best, but are working well for me. My car is an occasional driver and autox. The kit uses Hyperco springs and Fox shocks single adjustable shocks. I get about 2.5 degree camber. Rear sting rate is 325. I can’t remember what the fronts are but will look and post that up. I tried 275 rear springs but the car is just too heavy for them.

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    Honestly, you are asking the wrong sub-forum for advice here. Nobody serious about track / autocross uses Chinese coilovers.


    When you are dealing with BC coilovers, you are going to hate the ride quality no matter what spring rates you choose. And no, there are no "good" coilovers in the $1200 range. Ask the sub-forum above which spring rates are the least horrible with BCs on these cars.
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    I did the MC front coil overs, originally had 550lb springs. It rode like a brick but may have been good on the track. Dropped to 350lbs spring and car rode much better. 350lbs front 250 rear on mine. Rides good and handles well. I also have all new suspension, new Gt 500 front (harder bushings) control arms, MC coil overs, control arms and sway bars ect.

    My son did 8k front 5k rear, hurt my back to drive it. he put 5k's in front and put 4k's in the rear. car rides good now and can be stiffened up with coil over adjustments.

    For a daily driver, don't go to heavy, you won't be happy. 4k to 5k front, rear is 4k to 3k. Look at stock spring rate and go up a little bit for daily driving. Convert kilos to lbs for better understanding of increase.
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    You may want to contact one of the vendors to see what they recommend. To get the best results, the shocks and spring rate need to work together. If you're not competing in Autocross or track days you may find that a different set of lowering springs could work for you and also save $$$$.

    There are more, but Vorshlag and Sam Strano are two of the trusted vendors
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