Stainless Works Exhaust and downpipe install on our 2015 Ecoboost

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    Our first mod was our a lund tune with one of our Lund Racing Ngauges.

    This week we went for a little sound and power.

    We opted for a full stainless works setup with performance connection including offroad downpipe for Dorothy Too..

    You can opt for a factory connection in the downpipe or the exhaust, and they will mate to any other downpipe / exhaust that uses the factory connection point if you want to mix and match systems. The performance connection eliminates any factory neckdown.

    Install is pretty straight forward, obviously easier on a lift, but not bad at all.

    First we removed the catback, very easy, remove both sets of rear hangers, remove the bolts at the factory connection along with the side clamps, and she should come right off. A little heavy and tricky if your by yourself, but not too bad.

    The down pipe as well isn't very bad either. First we removed both 02 sensors, the 2 lower connection bolts, along with of the lower connection side bolts so the bracked could fall out of the way.

    You have the 2 upper bolts of the downpipe, removing wasn't too bad after taking the upper bolt out, it allowed the exhaust to rotate and get the other bolt out pretty easy.

    going back in is a little trickier as you want to press the oem gasket back in place pretty evenly, so it is a little tighter.

    Use a little lube at the hanger, and easy peasy.

    The stainless works setup is very nice quality, just as we would expect from stainless works.

    Fit and finish were excellent, and the system bolted together very nicely. With a lift and buddy, under 2 hours should be no problem for a full system on this car.

    Tips are double walled and some of the best looking tips out there imo.

    As far as sound, you can definitely hear the car at wot, also at heavier load at lower rpms.

    The majority of the time the system sounds pretty good. Still getting used to a 4 cylinder car, but I do like it.

    Be curious to see once we get a cai, bov, and larger intercooler how everything will sound.

    If your looking for a quality system though, you cannot go wrong with the SW product line.

    USA made and lifetime warranty!

    We have all the downpipes and exhaust systems on the site.





    Got out to the track last night, no go pro inside yet, but here you go from the outside of the cabin.
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