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    I am installing a used door on a 07 mustang GT500 convert.
    how to I hotwire the window motor to roll the window down? I really don't want to remove bolts and force the window down.

    there are like 7 or 8 wires going to the window motor instead of the usual 2 like on a GM.
    it's kind of like a new VW, they have a bunch of wires going to the motor also.
    you hook up the battery to the black and red wires, install the switch, then push to switch to roll down the window.
    the problem is there aren't any just red and black wires to the motor. just a red/bl and a all black. I tried the above but nothing happens.
    I work at a VW dealer body shop. this is the first used door I have installed on a late model ford.
    I would like to dismantle and the paint the jambs before the car shows up. it will save me a lot of time if I can do this.

    it's a drivers side door if it matters.
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