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  • cavero
    I never got around to doing it, hope the tube of body sealant is still good. My plan was to take the tail lights off and try to pack the sealant into the seams as much as I can
    Isn’t the bell housing aligned with the dowel pens on all of them? I don’t remember noticing a way for it to have room for error?
    If there is I need to check the same.

    I am replacing the only think in my assembly that’s not new which is the clutch master cylinder.

    I’ll likely start working with a shop once I see what that does.
    Thank you so much for the info! So you had the grind on shift even if it was warm outside and operation temp was optimal?

    Mine appears not as bad when It’s warm out and at operating temp it’s reduced to only a small clunk or crunch feel.

    But if it’s 20 degrees out it’s terrible.

    Tried different fluids also.
    Cavero I’m messaging you about the issues you have had with your 56 magnum xl setup and the clutch disengagement and grinding.

    My looking into replacing the clutch master cylinder is what lead me to your post!

    I’m starting to believe it’s the clutch being out of spec somehow now.

    Have you had any luck?

    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I had the shop index the bell housing when installing the new transmission, since if the bell housing isn't properly aligned, it can put a load on the input shaft of the transmission. Originally they had just aligned it with dowel pins, but I wanted to be sure. Turns out the bell housing was in spec.
    As far as the new master cylinder goes, I had the shop verify it was fully disengaging, and I don't think there's any doubt of that. But the original transmission was still grinding, which is why I had it sent back under warranty (shipping is a killer though).
    I wonder if there's still something wrong though. Sometimes 2nd gear shifts smoothly, sometimes it's crunchy and eerily reminiscent of the first transmission. I had the shop drive it around for a week, they put over a hundred miles on it but said it shifts like any other Magnum.
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