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    Aluminum Hood....

    I do, but when you are paying $100k + for a car you don't expect problems with it
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    Aluminum Hood....

    And Ford still didn't sort out the issue as the S550's suffer the same problem on the front fenders and hood! Having said that Aston Martin cars also suffer the same problem
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    2019 Bullitt rear end CLUNKING

    Unless it is something simple like the rear seat back rattling in the latch I would look at the rear diff flange, quite a few Mach 1 owners here in the UK have had them replaced due to a clunking sound
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    Walbro 400LPH pump

    As already mentioned it is plug and play, I have one in my 06 SC Saleen, had the GT500 set up originally but that failed so reinstalled the standard pump with a BAP, this worked fine except it would sometimes hesitate for a split second if I had been driving at a set speed for a few miles then...
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    Drank the Kool-Aid - MGW

    Looking to purchase the MGW shifter for my 06 Saleen, OP did you have any interference problems with the shifter kit and 1-piece prop? is your car lowered? as MGW when I spoke with then recently informed me the max diameter for driveshaft is 3.5" to avoid interference but if the car is lowered...
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    Ford Racing Driveshaft Fitment 2005- 2010

    I had a DSS one piece fitted to my '06 Saleen,only downside was having to remove the Saleen short shift kit as the driveshaft would not fit
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    Strut Tower Brace (with Supercharger)

    A friend here in the UK has a 2005 with the Edelbrock supercharger fitted and wants a STB, anyone know of one that will fit and still allow the hood to close or will he be better off having one fabricated?
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    As title, a friend here in the UK has a 2006 GT with this exhaust system... he is looking for mufflers as they need replacing, anyone know if/where they can be bought seperately or a muffler that will fit?
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    Headlight Adjuster

    Being in the UK the chance of finding one is very slim No standard lights The adjuster just pulls out and has parts missing so is broken, he is going to bodge it for now and buy some aftermarket headlights
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    Headlight Adjuster

    Thought that would be the case, thanks for your help
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    Headlight Adjuster

    Message sent, thanks
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    Hey, this is the VIN for my friend's Mustang here in the UK... 1ZVFT82H475214759 Thanks

    Hey, this is the VIN for my friend's Mustang here in the UK... 1ZVFT82H475214759 Thanks
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    Headlight Adjuster

    As title, is it possible to purchase the adjuster seperate from the actual headlight unit ? A friend has an '06 model and one of his is broken, have tried searching but being in the UK some sites in the US are blocked
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    Supercharger install information

    Stops the alternator spinning to fast and failing, I believe the Saleen SC kit comes with a different pulley for the alternator
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    Supercharger install information

    You might want to think about putting a larger pulley on your alternator or you could find it breaking down in a short space of time

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