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    PD Blower Options

    I'm intending on using a roots style blower for my build, and was going to purchase the Carb Legal XCharger kit until it appears ExplorerExpress went under. That's just what I've assumed from trying their 3 lines (disconnected/led to telephone surveys). Anybody know of another carb legal...
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    7.5 to 8.8 Rear End Swap

    Hey all, happy new year. For those who have swapped out the factory rear end to an 8.8 off a GT, did it just hook right up, or were there any additional considerations? I know 4.0s have the same rear brakes as the GT so I don't need to worry about tinkering with the proportioning valve to keep...
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    Cams and Cats

    I'd imagine the answer is pretty obvious here, but humour me. Can you keep your cats while running aftermarket cams? I understand that on ghost cam tunes you're supposed to use an off road setup, does the same apply for the real deal?
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    Man ain't that the truth. Sometimes it seems like I should just buy everything because FI amplifies it haha. Always fun slapping on a new set of mufflers, it can totally change the vibe of the car
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    08' Build Map

    Hey All, Appreciate all the feedback on my other post. Figure I'd detail what my build is so far, what the plans are, and get any of my preemptive questions out of the way. Currrent: Prochamber, MAC catback piping, FR500S mufflers, appearance mods. Planned: Ford CAI (Tune required), BBK...
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    That's really good to know, I've heard they can be a wash or provide minimal gains for the price. Any sound difference? lol
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    Ended up opting for a prochamber, mac catback piping, and FR500s mufflers, figure it's the better move to keep the car CARB legal so I don't have to convert the whole thing back to stock every 2 years. The install was hell, but the sound is exactly what I was going for. I'll post an exhaust...
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    I'm leaning toward something pretty close to that combo, might use mac headers to make sure they work right with the prochamber (close enough to an H pipe and avoids the hassle) I'm gunning for longtubes because the next step is slapping an X-Charger on the car, and I'd like to be able to run...
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    Not too worried about CARB. Getting around emissions testing isn't half as hard as you'd think.
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    '08 4.0L Exhaust Setup Question

    Hey all, New member to the forum but I've been here reading for quite some time. Finally looking to revamp the exhaust system for my car. My ideal setup is a set of longtubes into an H pipe, while keeping it catted. I'm a CA resident, so custom exhaust work is unfortunately out of the...

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