$12 sale and whipple stuff

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    05-09 4.6L Prices do not include shipping. Open to trades for simple stuff like dress up items

    -Whipple 3.375 6 rib pulley $40
    -Reichard Racing 3.000 cobra 8 rib pulley $80
    -Frankentensioner? Came with the car. Looks like a Steeda without the logo $80
    -BMR adjustable lower control arms. Saw a Michigan winter, need refinish and rebuild, BMR can ship you new bushings and whatnot for about 85 to freshen them up. $60

    The $12 stuff....
    -Tail light harness x 2 (price is for both)
    -06 style coolant crossover
    -Factory belt tensioner, tab ground per Whipple install but i THINK should work fine on non-FI motors (low miles)
    -Heater core hoses
    -Alt bracket and i think thermostat bracket, free with anything else you buy.

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