2008 Bullitt. Black, heavily modified, speedo in Km.

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    4.6 has Boss 302 con rods, stock pistons with fresh rings
    127300 Comp Cams (slight lope at 800 rpm idle.)
    TFS valve springs
    All seals freshened up
    Super Damper
    Steeda engine mounts
    TVS 1.9, 69mm Pulley (10-13 psi depending on weather.) - 6 rib setup, is on the M90 lower manifold.
    GT500 heat exchanger, peirberg pump, degas bottle for IC
    Air Oil Separator, the good kind that actually does something, c/w braided lines, done properly, custom front mount
    Aluminum coolant overflow reservoir
    Walbro 305 (?) w/KB BAP wired in
    GT500 injectors
    67mm twinjet TB
    JBA Coated LT's, 3" H
    Mid mounted resonators (Pype Bomb M80's)
    Stock Mufflers

    Exedy clutch, HD, c/w properly shimmed slave. GT500 master, braided line w/heat shield, divorced master cylinder reservoir
    Freshened up blocker rings in TR3650

    Knock off GT500 front brake calipers (Rock Auto) - castings cleaned up, painted black (rear calipers also painted black.)
    Braided front and rear brake lines
    255 front, 295 rear NT555's - on American Racing 18x9 and 18x10 wheels (AMR dark stainless finish)
    Detroit TrueTrac, stock 3.73 gears

    Roush shifter, Roush shifter handle & ball
    Steeda rear lower control arms
    Steeda lower control arm relocation brackets

    Converted to EPAS, wired to stock ECU.
    GT500 front lower control arms
    Roush lowering springs (1.5" front, ??? Rear - stock on 427R cars.)
    Koni Orange shocks and struts

    About 90,000 miles. Very, very good condition for the age. Original windshield. Not perfect, just a driver that you can beat on as hard as you want.

    Needs rear tires - but that is always the case I guess. Good car.


    Please let me know if I'm out of my mind with the valuation. I think it has $20,000 in modifications. C/W stock H, stock headers, stock springs, stock CAI, and the original STB.

    Located in Saskatoon, Canada.
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    per the rules of the forum - please keep posting in this thread on topic and only if you are an interested buyer

    other topics please stick to PMs
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