Any good companies or products to repair/refresh leather wheel?

Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by eighty6gt, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    I think I might just learn to do it myself... get a dead GT wheel and restore it, then do mine after practicing a few times.

    Otherwise, anyone tried a scratch filler or something? I just made a big ugly mark on my wheel getting out of the car - had a knife clipped in my pocket and the clip rubbed on the leather =[
  2. MrAwesome987

    MrAwesome987 forum member

    I let my brother drive my car, and he did exactly this, twice.... left two "ratchet" looking marks on my otherwise nice wheel!

    I'd be interested to know the process for replacing the leather as well.
  3. o2sys

    o2sys forum member

    There are companies out there that sell DIY kits or you send them the wheel to get it done.

    Check out Steeringwheelart in IG as an example or AZAAutowheel.

    I used Coby Wheel (although he does for BMW he might do Mustangs if you ask??)

    I sent mine to him to rewrap it in genuine alcantara.

    This is over existing leather:

    And currently AZA is doing the CF trim for me.
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