Bought a set of AMR staggered 18" wheels / M.Thompson Tire set on BlackFriday

Discussion in '' started by zeitmorder, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. zeitmorder

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    Bought a set of charcoal grey AMR staggered 18" wheels and tires for my black Saleen'd S197 GT on their Black Friday sale.

    Couldn't use any of the coupon codes at the time because the AMR package was already a "sale item". No biggie.

    I was able to get them to pricematch themselves when price for the same set dropped another $90 on Cyber Monday after my order had shipped.

    I'm happy I was able to get a pricematch without any hassles.
  2. Snakethat

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    Did you have them mount them before shipping. If so inspect the rims when they are delivered. I found scratched on mine when delivered and small chunk missing. I returned them which was somewhat of a hassle b/c I had to take them to the Fedex store. Unmounted shipping is the best option or a Fedex guy who actually cares