Broken headlight clip holder need help

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by BigRog, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. BigRog

    BigRog Junior Member

    2014 gt After trying to replace my oem hid bulbs, I broke the ears off where you lock the retaining clip in. Is this replaceable? I can’t find it anywhere. There is a screw holding it in place. The last photo is what it should look like. Please help upload_2019-11-8_22-42-2.jpeg upload_2019-11-8_22-42-2.jpeg

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  2. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    Got any salvage yards nearby...probably your best bet. You can pull the entire assy & use, or part-it.

    Otherwise...maybe time f/ some sweet new headlights?? :D
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