Front License Plates in TX

Discussion in 'South Central' started by dascoyne, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Speedracer67

    Speedracer67 Junior Member

    two or three different brackets are made that attach under the front and the arms come out so the plate is mounted on them and no holes drilled in front facia.
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  2. totaljustice

    totaljustice Junior Member

    Also there are options that flip up and stow when you want with a remote control.
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  3. hotrod69boss

    hotrod69boss Junior Member

    In our town it is believed that former drag boat driver/AA fuel dragster pilot Eddie Hill holds a record for more 'no front license plate tickets' than anyone. He refuses to put a plate on his Ford GT.
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  4. PonyBoy

    PonyBoy Member

    Don't come to NY! there SoB's about it here.
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  5. scramblr

    scramblr Senior Member S197 Team Member

    BlowFish Racing has a plate mount that works with their front tow hook mount. Works great, very sturdy, although never actually drove with it though. I will when I have to go on the military base or the popo tries to give me a ticket. I carry it behind the passenger seat.
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