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    ome people are bugging me to post this so i finally was able to get some pics of my 08 bullitt mustang.
    i have been modifying it for 3 years with a LOT of GT500 pars so i call it project Bullitt 500. maybe what would happen if you cross breed a 08 Bullitt with a GT500 mustang.
    the mods i have done so far.

    .020 over forged 4.6 motor.
    stage 1 FFRP cnc ported heads
    Detroit rocker cams
    AR long tube headers
    AR off road H pipe.
    factory 2013 GT500 cast oil pan, windage tray and pickup tube
    DOB intake.
    10% overdrive 8 rib dampener with stock 8 rib pulleys
    ported FFRP TVS 2.3 supercharger makes 20lbs boost.
    L&M 72mm throttle body
    can't remember brand carbon fiber cold air intake.
    GT500 intercooler pump
    VNP 3X heat exchanger
    mishimost radiator
    moroso intercooler, radiator and P/S tanks
    motor makes 650 rwhp on pump 93 octane gas
    motor was built and tuned by Steve Koller at import minded

    2013 Trac pac TR606 trans with not yet installed cooler
    MGW shifter
    DSS carbon fiber driveshaft
    Mcloud RXT 1500 hp clutch with lightened steel flywheel.

    Rear end
    pinned and welded 8.8 rear end
    Tru trac rear with 3.73 gears
    Moser alloy axles with ABS rings installed
    ford racing rear end girdle.

    Baer 14" front rotors with 6 piston calipers
    willwood 13" rear rotors with 4 piston calipers.

    BMR K member, front adjustable lower control arms, rear single adjustable lower control arms. 13 and up adjustable upper control arm with a poly rear end bushing.
    tokico adjustable struts and shocks
    maximum motorsports CC plates
    ford racing P springs
    AM replica Boss 302 19X9 wheels with Michelin pilot sport 275/40/19 tires.

    Body mods
    custom modified stock GT500 hood. modified by cutting Trackspec hood vents, Aerocatch hood pins, welding closed the WW squirter holes and relocating them to the wiper arms, and welding the dip in the center of the hood flat.
    custom built front bumper. modified by welding in GT500 fog lamps in, making the lower grill opening wider, modifying the stock lower grill modifying and adding silverhorse racing grills, modifying the lower portion to fit a stock GT500 front spoiler.
    FFRP lightweight front bumper bar and tow hook
    adding silverhorse racing 1/4 louvers
    modified factory radiator cover and silverhorse racing end covers, modified by welding up the hood prop rod holes because i use hood shocks instead of a prop rod.
    modified factory buliitt strut bar
    installing a GT500 rear spoiler
    welding the satellite antenna hole closed
    welding the stock fender antenna hole closed
    adding a stock GT500 rear bumper with stock GT500 mud flaps
    schrader performance rear seat delete
    2010 and up outside mirror with spotter glass
    painting the car in PPG envirobase dark highland green paint, it looks black in the pics. it wasn't the best of days when i took the pics.

    ALL of the above mods were done by ME, except building and tuning the motor.
    some might think i spent a LOT of $$$ on this. truth be told 95% of all the parts i installed were USED. the motor and internals came from 4 different motors. the only thing i bought new for the motor build was rings, gaskets, timing chains and intake manifold.

    a few pics
  2. mrt2you

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    future mods that i have but yet to install.
    boss 302 side exhaust, FFRP ABS brake module, 6.2L 3V motor with FFRP stage III cnc ported heads with large cams. custom made BULLITT lit sill plates. BMR subframe connectors.
    will have to buy
    racing seats, 6 point harness, 6 point cage, bigger headers, larger H or X pipe DOB intake for the 5.4 motors if he even makes one. he said he was going to but i havn't heard any more about it.

    if he doesn't make one i will build the 6.2 motor with GT500 heads and etc. i already have most of the stuff already, front cover dampener wire harness valve covers coil covers to convert it to GT500 motor. just have to buy heads and a few small parts.
  3. golkhl

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    Very cool build!
  4. JJ427R

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    Very cool build. I see you are in New Berlin, I take it WI? Are you going to be at Road America with Northwoods Shelby in a month? I'll be there....
  5. Slick4.6

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    Awesome build, looking forward to seeing the progress.
  6. Brandon08GT

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    That’s an awesome build. I’m wanting to go with the same DOB setup. Was the 650 wheel or just at the engine?
  7. mrt2you

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    at the wheels
  8. Brandon08GT

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    Nice. That’s exactly what I’m shooting for.
  9. NickD87

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    Looking to build a similar motor to turn up my DOB kit, can you post the rotating assembly etc (arp bolts anything I need to buy)

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  10. mrt2you

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    when i built the motor it was with USED parts. the block is from a 03 Mach 1 that had the stock bore then sent it out to be bored .020 over and the mains aligned honed. the front cover was on my original block. i had the machine work done then my friend and i assembled everything.
    i bought 2 short blocks forged motors that leaned out and melted a few pistons down really CHEAP because i helped remove them and install new motors. they were both .020 over with FFRP cobra cranks. so i completely disassembled both motors, measured and weighed everything using the best parts from each motor and selling the good parts and scrapping the rest. the pistons and rods are MMR parts, the rods had arp bolts in them already. the only thing i bought new for the motor were gaskets, bearings, gapless rings,timing chains and tensioners. the guides i reused MMR parts.
    the FFRP stage 1 heads with the detroit rocker cams were on my motor when i bought the car.
    honestly i probably have a little less than $1K in my entire motor
  11. NickD87

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    So at this power level can I use tty hard ware rather then arp?

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  12. mrt2you

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    i will clarify.
    i did install ARP head studs and main studs. and yes they were used in one of the motors i got the pistons and crank from.
    before anyone has a heart attack about re-using head,main and rod bolts. i knew the complete history of the motors i got the parts from. they were low mile motors that had fuel pump failures which caused them to lean out fast under boost.

    i am running 20lbs boost so TTY head bolts shouldn't be used at that level. less than 20lbs a LOT of people on this site use TTY bolts.
  13. JJ427R

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    Since you did not answer my question I will assume the answer is no.
  14. RocketcarX

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    Dude, lighten up
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    he didn't answer my question, it's that simple..... nothing to lighten up about, if you want to go on ignoring what people say, or don't say, that is completely your right, I don't put up with ignorance.....