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    Hello, I drive a 2008 V6 Mustang with an Automatic Transmission. Just under 100K miles. I was driving home the other day and my car just shut off, like if i took the ket out of the ignition.

    Now my car is just sitting in my driveway, and will not start, or turn on at all. It is like the key is not there. I can't roll up the windows, the radio will not turn on, and I get no lights on the dash except for the flashing PATS light that flashes normally when the car is off. I also can't shift the car out of park without using the emergency release switch on the shifter. Like I said, its like there is no key in it at all.

    Its clearly an electrical problem, so I checked all the fuses and relays, and I tested the ignition switch. It all seems to be working fine. I can not figure out why I'm having this problem, and I really want to be able to fix it myself before I have the car towed to a shop.

    I can't find a wiring diagram for the ignition switch, so I can't do any further diagnostics.

    It really sucks driving a 91' Honda station wagon around, and I really hope you guys can help.

    As a side note, my name is Cole, I'm from Los Angles CA, and this is my first post on this forum. I came from Mustang Collective, which was another Mustang forum, which is no longer online.
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    Hello there,

    Well lets look at this, figuratively speaking. You are getting juice from the battery, because you can see those flashing lights you had mentioned. So the wiring from the battery to the fuse panel should be fine. You check your fuses, so that's not the source. You said you can't get the radio on or the windows to work. So it's possible your ignition lock cylinder, "where put the key in", might be the problem. Get a can of compressed air and try to clean out that area as much as you can. You might have build up of dust and dirt that is preventing the electrical connectors from, well, connecting. I'm not saying this will be the fix you need, but it's one more thing to try before having the car towed.