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    I have a ton of stuff for sale. Doing a turbo Gen2 coyote swap into the mustang, so all must go!

    Asking $5,100 OBO

    Paxton Novi 2200 kit

    Will include all of the following!

    ▪️Comes with all bracketry and all piping
    ▪️Upgraded intercooler to support 1000+hp
    ▪️Converted to blow thru system for better readings and more effective tuning (but mainly to run a badass BOV WHOOSH!)
    ▪️Tial Q 50mm BOV
    ▪️Upgraded all clamps to T-bolt clamps
    ▪️Dual drain lines due to HP increase (but can be closed to 1 line if not needed)
    ▪️Kenne Bell Dual BAP
    ▪️If you’re aiming for 550hp, I’ll include some 42lb injectors and a 10# pulley
    ▪️Whole kit is the polished kit
    ▪️Upgraded intake system to a power pipe system
    ▪️Had the novi rebuilt for routine maintenance a little less 300 miles ago
    ▪️Upgraded to stainless steel oil feed line (will include oil adaptor as well)
    ▪️Will also include the Moroso Coolant Relocation expansion tank
    ▪️Diablo Mafia MAF as well!

    2012 Mustang GT coyote motor. Had 33,xxx miles. Tore apart to check internals etc. Was going to build it until I found a Gen2 I couldn’t pass up. Everything in pictures included. Paid $2,600. Asking $OLD. My loss is your gain.

    All the following has 13,xxx miles:

    Blue coil covers with black insert letters: $OLD
    2016 mustang gt engine cover: $60
    2016 manifold with throttle body and spacer: $100
    2016 gt ecu: $50
    2016 Mustang GT MT-82 transmission with clutch, pressure plate, flywheel and throw out bearing: $1,500
    ATI super damper w/ac 2011-2017 Mustang GT: $OLD

    Everything is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia

    1E452394-6BBF-47F1-83F6-1912567A6CFE.jpeg 5E6F7263-8911-4793-AF0F-C13B3F7ECF5D.jpeg 18C9B926-967B-441C-8A9E-6D884C62F3EA.jpeg A7D989B6-4606-4C20-AC8B-29471802A030.jpeg C4E05D10-4678-4A9E-8802-C2266A7C35F3.jpeg FC1418C5-6D11-47F0-A3BC-AC6C5664B02C.jpeg 0E6F8BEF-594B-4853-983B-E8C8FE88F6E3.jpeg 89A4E69C-233D-4E56-B0FE-F222A937BC70.jpeg CE810BE0-7011-4312-8709-DB7406C6BE86.jpeg 43C693C6-0707-4217-9782-FE52A0CAF3D8.jpeg
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    D36CCD22-89E7-4C96-91D7-8D0C7ECC8EE5.jpeg B6DF4D9B-00C4-4F2A-A401-362A810006F3.jpeg F3A1FFB0-A3BC-4B31-BD47-5331C887AE85.jpeg 6E32E072-FD75-4A63-B004-50F5E03FDE0E.jpeg A483649F-3632-4342-AF8C-993F1D42DD60.jpeg 05B9C17F-C8E8-46F9-A890-0A95CACE8F55.jpeg B8418921-D3E8-42B6-A4FA-05D15C65364D.jpeg 5C842A75-DACF-41FB-A762-E295BC8B97E2.jpeg 4D8F8372-6222-4F7E-9BA7-52E0FB8FB205.jpeg
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    Curious I I have the same blower kit how does the duel drain lines help performance? thank you
  4. I see an mgw support arm hiding on that mt82. wheres the rest of it?
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    please update the pics to include name/date per classified rules
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