Removal and install tool for SC pulley

Discussion in '2007+ Mustang GT500 Tech' started by CJ-, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. CJ-

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    Ok I’m picking up a used metco pulley for my 08 GT500 today but the seller doesn’t have a removal tool and neither do I. So it’s up to me to pull the Metco from his Eaton.

    If I resorted to renting a pulley puller and installer tool from autozone, which type should I rent cause there’s a few to select from such as harmonic pullers and installers, power steering removal and installers, ac clutch installers and pullers and alternator pulley pullers.
  2. 01yellerCobra

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    You'd want the kind of puller that goes behind the pulley. It should have a horseshoe shape to it.

    That being said I'd look up the Metco tool. Using the wrong puller can destroy the pulley.
  3. travelers

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    Even if you find the right puller, I would have him use it to pull the pulley off. If you damage his supercharger he's going to have a fit. Me personally I would tell him to call me when you have it off. He's selling it, it's not a pull your own parts junk yard.
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