Vortech/Paxton Pulleys, 8.8 3.31 gears

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  1. hotrod_renegade

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    Vortech/Paxton Supercharger pulleys:
    3.47 8-rib, brand new never installed - $90 shipped.
    3.60 6-rib - $60 shipped.
    3.33 6-rib - $60 shipped.

    20181023_130801.jpg 20181023_130925[1].jpg

    8.8 3.31 gears - I bought these used on here from another member, and according to them they were a stock set of gears with around 40k miles. I ended up not installing them in my car, just looking to get what I paid for them. $65 shipped.

    20181023_131318[1].jpg 20181023_131442[1].jpg 20181023_131408[1].jpg
  2. Mustang dog

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    I'm looking at the 6 rib pulley's are these still for sale?
  3. hotrod_renegade

    hotrod_renegade Captain Hindsight

    Still have all the pulleys for sale. PM sent.