WTB 2006 GT Manual Engine Wiring Harness

Discussion in 'WTB Items and/or Parts' started by DD117, May 12, 2021.

  1. DD117

    DD117 forum member

    Looking high and low all over the country for a 2006 GT Manual Engine Wiring Harness. If you have one from 2005-2009 (2010?) that's in good shape so my ol Mustang can be reliable again I'm interested!!!

    I'm sure...
    5R3Z-12A581-BA, 7R3Z-12A581-BA, 8R3Z-12A581-BA, 9R3Z-12A581-BA
    ... would work too.

    My car was a 06 GT auto and about 2 years ago the trans went out. So I swapped to a 6-speed out of a GT500. Everything was great except the harness I purchased was thrashed and ever since then, I've had issues. ECM throwing codes... Currently P100 P108 P110... But it's thrown other ones and I just don't trust it.

  2. johnsmith45a

    johnsmith45a Junior Member

    Hey buddy
    I have someone that have this for sale in good condition you can shoot him a text if interested @ [email protected] dot com

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  3. DieHarder

    DieHarder Member

    Sure you do. :asshat:
  4. DD117

    DD117 forum member

    Yup... pretty much the extent of my search... whole bunch of nothing.
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