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    So I order the Ford Motor Sports X Brace Kit

    I really like mine got it here off a member for 500 ...very easy install
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    Costs for a built motor

    Honestly if your going to build it to hold boost get it sleeved it will last a lot longer and be more forgiving for that once in awhile oops while being more $ its well worth the piece of mind to know you have something that should hold up to qanything your going to throw at it not to mention...
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    Supercharged Mustang GT best gear ratio?

    3:31 work very well with supercharged applications its a proven combo on many cars out there
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    S197 MagnaCharger bolt on kit

    Don't use the canned tune on a supercharged application Always have it tuned by a good tuner you wont regret that
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    6r80 swap shifter

    He's looking for info on an automatic shifter for the 6R80 trans swapped into an earlier s197 . Currently still no option I know of other than what is discussed in the swap thread in another section here
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    Upgrade supercharger or go turbo

    Ive had my Vortech on the car for 5 years now makes good power (720) and has been totally reliable ..Like he said its a choice with a good tune Eaton for you works ...others have had just as luck with other brands
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    Looking for input on a future purchase

    Honestly the 6 speed manual isn't the way to go ..yeah I have one and if I had it to do over again I would have gone auto all the way..Ive not had issues with mine but overall performance auto outshines the manual all day long
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    Upgrade supercharger or go turbo

    I'd give Vortech a call in the long run its going to be much cheaper to replace a blower than change an entire system. They make many blowers that should suit your needs.
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    So Im dumb and have let my car sit too long

    Thanks guys yeah tunes not trash its a good one safe ect written by one of the best . I think i'll add a can of octane and start it and drive like a grandma we shall see lol
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    6r80 Shifter

    I think theres a pretty good thread on the 6R80 up in 4.6 tech from what Ive read there is currently no good aftermarket shifter available for your combo
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    So Im dumb and have let my car sit too long

    I never thought Id let the car sit as long as it has but its going on 13 months since the car was started or driven. It has roughly 3/4 of a tank of gas . is it too far gone to carefully start up and drive say under 40 miles an hour? Its a 2011 gt with a Vortech V3 tuned by Ken B when he was...
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    2018 to s197 intake swap

    I would look up Ken at Palm Beach Dyno hes had pretty good success with this swap.
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    Do yall think this is OK?

    For the 5.0 there is Lund , Palm Beach ,VMP in no particular order all 3 are good reputable tuners
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    looking to get back into a Coyote powered Mustang

    bottom ends and heads are better on the newer cars they are holding a lot more hp on stock blocks
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    Paxton head unit question

    Contact Terry at he can get you all of that stuff plus more and his customer service is way better than brenspeed.
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    BMR drop - real world W/TVS

    I'm running the SP09's on the front with vortech set up cant imagine the wgt would be much different than a TVS I got around a 1.75 drop
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    Lloyds mats: where to buy ?

    Yep got mine from AM
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    2011-2014 Mustang GT Vortech V3 Supercharger w/ Extras

    Wow very good price ...anyone on the fence about FI should be all over this . The extras alone will make this kit a great choice and save a ton....good luck on sale
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    Engine Builder Suggestions

    BES Racing : builds some of the best there is and from all the pricing Ive done seem to be very competitive . Follow the link and give them a call
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    Lethal's Whippled GT350 puts down 819 RWHP

    Think they just posted an update on the PBH facebook page on this a couple days ago. It now has an L&M motor I think
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    Third option for '11-'12 Boss/CS fascia splitter?

    Dammit you all made me go look and I found the RTR ...just ordered ...thanks
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    Third option for '11-'12 Boss/CS fascia splitter?

    There is really a shortage of front lip options on the 10-12 cars . I'm in same boat as you looking for something I like that doesn't exsist
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    Fuel's Winter Project: Build It Before It Blows

    Don't make him bring up your tailights:whistle1:
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    Project Break a Boss

    Yeah its good to hear they are stand up...too many times we here a different story. Good luck on the re-rebuild and dyno . Hope all goes well this time
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    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Yeah Gabe, you need a 30 A in that spot if you go to a boost a pump . Lol I found out the hard way long ago It blew on me 400 miles from home and didn't have a clue what was wrong. After I put the 30a in I had no more troubles.

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