05 mustang gt

  1. T

    Guage cluster swap 2005 to 2018?

    Hi, everyone. First post, I have a motor out of an 18 GT i'm going to be installing into my car, and I want to order a guage cluster for it because it has the original PCM and wiring from Ford, so theoretically it should work properly with some help programming at my local ford dealership...
  2. Drunkenturtles

    Axle Back Questions and Deafening Cabin Noise

    I recently installed a Nxt Step performance axle-back on my stock 05 gt and I really like the low rumble and the way it sounds, but the cabin noise is deafening when cruising. it makes my mustang undrivable for long distances. When in gear at around 1500 - 2100 rpm the axle back makes the car...

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