2014 gt

  1. B

    Off-road H-Pipe for Long Tube Headers

    Hello all, I’ve just gotten a set of Hedman Long Tube Headers (Part# HED-82730) for my ‘14 GT and would very much appreciate any recommendations on where to find an O/R H-Pipe, preferably in 304 stainless, that would work with this setup? These headers come with ball/socket flanges with 3" to...
  2. Drunkenturtles

    Planning on a Nitrous build, any ideas or tips?

    Have 2014 5.0, currently FBO and tuned. My power goal is around 500-550 whp. I know a few people that run nitro, and for my power goals and budget, nitrous seems the best if done right. I'm open to other ways of hitting that power goal, too. How big of a nitro shot can a 1st gen coyote handle...
  3. DudeStang

    Stuff I wish I would have added years ago - 2014 GT

    I don't know if I could call this a build thread because the modding has been fairly limited on my 2014 GT and even though I bought the car seven years ago and should have done this sooner, I thought it would be nice to have a thread on this car, tracking some of my updates, ramblings, etc...
  4. J

    New 2014 Items to check

    Good morning fellas. I am posting because I just purchased a 14 gt out of a dealership in Florida. I live in Texas. I had them send pics, cold start and idle while on zoom. As much as I could do over the phone. The car is stock aside from what looks like axle backs. The last time I owned a...
  5. Tommy Oliver

    2014 GT driver window

    I’ve recently replaced the window regulator,motor, and switch on the driver side of my 2014 5.0 and the window is stuck down still. The window will go down no problem but when trying to go up it just clicks does anyone know what the deal is?
  6. Drunkenturtles

    Choosing between the 2014 gt or 2015 gt is hard

    I recently sold my 05 GT and got myself a 2017 Ecoboost (I know, blasphemy), and after a month in that body...I'm having doubts about getting a 2014 GT. Between the 197 and 550, the 550s have better suspension, stock ride height, trans, interior, handling, saound system, engine, aerodynamics...

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