Choosing between the 2014 gt or 2015 gt is hard

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Drunkenturtles, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Drunkenturtles

    Drunkenturtles Member

    I recently sold my 05 GT and got myself a 2017 Ecoboost (I know, blasphemy), and after a month in that body...I'm having doubts about getting a 2014 GT. Between the 197 and 550, the 550s have better suspension, stock ride height, trans, interior, handling, saound system, engine, aerodynamics, and I'd say a better side profile. BUT, it feels like it has less of a character, it feels less of a mustang and less American. It feels like a less refined BMW

    the 2014 has the sexiest front and back in any mustang imo, and I love the crude feeling of the car. It's rough around all the edges and just has more character than any 550 I've been in or seen. Sadly, I'd have to at least upgrade the suspension, handling, trans, ride height, and engine to be comparable to a 550. A stock 2nd gen 5.0 can handle 600 stock, on a 1st gen I need to open up the front to upgrade the oil pump and parts of the chain system- that's at least 2k.
    I did the math between both years and getting a 15 GT would save money in the long run and would be a better car overall.

    I guess my question is: Is having a car you enjoy (and more street cred) worth the extra thousands and not having a factually better car? That question probably seems stupid to non-car ppl tbh, but you guys get it.
  2. Greg Hazlett

    Greg Hazlett Stepping on the Pink Bus Official Vendor S197 Team Member

    I had a 10 and a 13 GT and then tried the 2015 EBM; I could not go back to the S197 after driving a s550...the handling, ergonomics, stying, etc are all in the s550 favor.
  3. Drunkenturtles

    Drunkenturtles Member

    I might have to do a back-to-back test drive. I want to feel the difference, I might be seeing things through rose-tinted glasses.
  4. Greg Hazlett

    Greg Hazlett Stepping on the Pink Bus Official Vendor S197 Team Member

    When the s550 came out and I saw pics I was ehhh...then I saw one in person and sat in it...yep, dun lol....and the s550 is not perfect/there are aftermarket parts to help it but unless I was getting into a vert as a weekend car/toy I would not go back.
  5. skwerl

    skwerl tree hugger

    I bought a 2014 right before the 2015's came out. I wanted the solid rear axle for drag racing. Had the car 5 years and never took it to the track. Traded it for a 2016 F150 because the truck rides a thousand times better than the Mustang.

    I scratched my racing itch with my Bullitt. 643 rwhp with all the goodies. Ran 138mph in the quarter, low 10's. Thought I was going to go the same route with the 2014 but it just never happened.
  6. GN_Mike

    GN_Mike Junior Member

    I'll give this a shot, at least the way I looked at it...

    My 2011 GT/CS convertible is an extra car, not a daily, that only gets driven during nice weather. For this purpose, I kinda like that it has a character that's a throwback to the crazy live rear axle muscle cars that I had and drove during my younger days. Honestly, I look at this car as a great American V8 engine and transmission surrounded by a mediocre chassis and interior, just like a muscle car. All of the cars I've owned in the past 10+ years were screwed together better and had nicer, more comfortable interiors. But I love driving the Mustang, and it turns heads everywhere I go.

    If this car became my daily driver, it would probably drive me nuts after a while. If I were going to get one of these for a daily, it would be an S550 for sure, because they are just simply a better car than the S197's ever were. I guess that happens with most cars, right? They evolve into better machines.

    If you are looking for a daily driver, or your primary concern is handling, get an S550. If you are looking for a toy and want to save some money while still enjoying a great engine with that older muscle car experience, get an S197.

    Hope this helps...

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  7. Drunkenturtles

    Drunkenturtles Member

    That's something I didn't really think about. I would say a GT would have to be a weekend warrior or for meets, the gas would be too much for me. I think that's why I really like the Ecoboost, its a great daily and where it lacks in torque and power it makes up in the handling. I talked with my friends about getting a GT for weekends and getting a cheap honda as my daily and to blend into the surrounding communities lol
    If I were to sell my Ecoboost I could fully pay for a 14/13 GT and have leftover money. I'm planning on paying off the car in three years at most and still have 3 years of warranty left.
  8. Drunkenturtles

    Drunkenturtles Member

    with a 14 I do get the satisfaction of feeling that the car is customized more to my liking, it does feel more like a mustang, and I would enjoy having and driving the car more than a 15. Though, it definitely would be more of a project car to be built over the years instead of getting basically everything I want from the factory. Maybe once I sell my Ecoboost I'll see my options.
  9. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    I'm in the same opinion as this, except for the fact I have a 2010 Roush and a 2018 S550, on the 550 I hate the 10 speed automatic trans. IMO it's too many gears, cars spends too much time shifting, especially doing a track day. 1/4 mile it may be great but other than that I don't care for it. I'd be much happier with a 5 or 6 speed in it. The S550 is much more car than the S197. But cooling is another big issue on the S550, especially if pushing them hard. I hate the fact they build "limp mode" into the S500 and they literally shut down, my S197 will overheat, but never shut down and run on 4 cylinders. On track that is a dangerous thing to have happen.
  10. Forty61

    Forty61 forum member

    If I ever upgraded to something newer than my ‘08 I’d be looking at the ‘13-14 cars.. the ‘15 plus, in my opinion, only look like Mustangs because they have the tri-bar tail lights, if those weren’t there they could be mistaken for something else. The ‘05-14 cars don’t have that problem..
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  11. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    When I was looking to upgrade from my 07 gt I was really looking at the 11-14s. I like the looks of the 11-12 but the track apps and all that of the 13-14. Then I found a 17 gt. At first I was like meh the exterior looks ok and the interior is nice. So I took it for a test drive and fell in love. The s550 is so much better of a starting platform than the s197 and to me the drive ability was better. I even drove a 12 boss and didn’t like it as much. It felt like a snail especially in parking lots, even though the gen 2 coyote is based off the boss motor. I knew nothing about s550’s before I bought one, I lucked out getting a performance pack gt but if I had known I probably would have waited for either one with the tech pack or an 18+ gt. Oh well I still love the car. Though I have had a few issues with it.

    I wouldn’t worry about the hp differences in the different generations of coyotes. Gen 1 and 2 coyotes are close bolt on per bolt on. I know the gen 3 makes more power but a similarly modified gen 2 will keep up, unless it has the a10 then all bets are off lol.

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  12. MrAwesome987

    MrAwesome987 forum member

    Most of you that like the S550's seem to have something in common, you say something to the effect of "when I first looked at it, I wasn't impressed", etc, but then go on to praise the chassis and engine, etc.

    In my opinion, if you look at a car, and don't immediately think, "yep, that's a hot looking car" then there is something wrong. One of the major factors of a muscle car is a "wow" factor when you look at it.
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  13. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    The difference in engine and tq between the 14 and 15 is also something to consider, 14 was 420hp 390tq, 15 was 435hp 400tq. Not much difference but it is noticeable. 2018 it jumped to 460hp 420tq. My 2010 Roush with the M90 and a 2.49 pulley and tune is about 465. The 2018 would walk all over my Roush....
  14. golkhl

    golkhl forum member

    Keep the eco boost for a bit, until you can get into a nice 13-14 GT500!
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  15. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    If u have 3 yrs of payments left on the 2017 ecoboost, how are you not going to lose money ?
  16. Drunkenturtles

    Drunkenturtles Member

    I know what you're talking about, and after seeing a review of both, having them side by side, the 14 has more of a wow factor. It looks more distinct, the 550 looks more like a "sports car" while the 197 is a muscle car. Also, I think I'm leaning more to the 14 just because I can get a decked out premium GT for way less than a 15, and I like a car that tries to kill me.

    1: I wont have 40k so soon, I'll stick with the 15k GT
    2: So, I have six years of warranty, but I can pay it off in three years. I'll probably keep it for four years and sell it to get a GT.
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  17. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    I'd only ever go for a s550 if it was a gt350. No flaky chinese transmission. Flaky engine instead! I drove one, stock powertrain, really blew my hair back

  18. Anti

    Anti forum member

    I just hate how they sound inside the car.

    As for spending money on an older car you like better vs having to spend less on a car you like a little less. I have figured out, get the car you definitely like and will be keeping forever, and just spend what you want, to get what you want. There comes a point where counting how much you have in it is pointless.. ask me how I know. I started off being Mr. Budget and eventually realized I am always going to get what I want vs settling (until I can't, but I still have the car I want whenever that is.). Just look at the guys that still have their old school muscle cars, they have them because they love them, not because they have a level of performance they think they want and you can guarantee it ain't a budget build, at least not exactly.
  19. bujeezus

    bujeezus forum member

    I love my Bullitt. After 5 years, I still love looking at it and driving it. I fully intend to be 1 of those guys that Anti is referring to, except I'm not going to throw a lot of money at it, just keep it up and running.
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  20. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    I get 21.5mpg in my 550 in town Romping on it daily. Just did 800mi to WV and back through some tight WV twisty switchback mountain roads avg 80mph with a 135pmh burst running a WRX.... still 27mpg :driver:
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