fuel system

  1. Goran46

    Good Fuel return system for boosted 05 Mustang GT

    So i am about to upgrade a few engine parts on my 3v. I currently only have a Roush supercharger on it. The plan is to go with cams, probably Detroit rockers. A smaller supercharger pulley, a full on exhaust with race cats and maybe valve springs. Now I am thinking about upgrading the fuel...
  2. N2STC

    '06 GT, Difficulty pumping fuel (shuts off)

    Hi Folks, Suddenly I am having trouble dispensing fuel into the tank. The pump thinks the car is full and clicks off. I can eventually fill it, but it's touchy and slow. I suspect the smaller air return tube is at fault. I just wonder if anyone else has repaired this and what I am in for...
  3. B

    probed the fuse box... oops...SOS

    I'm sure I'll look like an idiot but the other night I was working on my mustang and Ii was installing some fog lights on my car. When I was installing them I was probing the fuse box to find a key on power source and then use a fuse tap. When I was done and went to start the car the car would...
  4. Spencer Hicklin

    2005 GT throwing P0452 P0453 and P0454

    Hello, my mustang recently started giving me a CEL and these are the codes its been throwing. Here are the descriptions I've found for each: P0452: Evaporative Emission Control System Pressure Sensor Low Input P0453: Evaporative Emission Control System Pressure Sensor High Input P0454...
  5. Steve Breeden

    Fuel system problem

    Scratching my head! HEEELLLPPP! Turn on ignition, no fuel pump prime. Power is at the fuel pump harness. Hot wire fuel pump it runs fine. New Fuel pressure sensor, new Fuel pump tried (2) different pumps, new filter, tried (2) new throttle position sensors, new fuel pump driver module. Also If...
  6. beefcake

    20% Off Fore Innovations at TBR

    Get yourself a new fuel system from Fore Innovations here at Team Beefcake Racing. 20 % off most Fore products. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message or call 1-855-827-7223. http://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/fore-innovations-fuel-system.html

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