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    Are you an auto enthusiast trapped in the body of an engineer who works on boring cogs and widgets all day? Do you wish you could use your skills to make race cars go faster instead? Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to align your career with your passion and hobby? If so, now’s your chance.

    APEX is looking for the right individual to take over the engineering and production of our lightweight automotive racing wheels. Our desire to offer more designs, cater to more vehicle applications, and to work with more suppliers means we need a dedicated individual to own these responsibilities.

    You will fill the role of our one and only dedicated engineer, taking these responsibilities off the shoulders of our CEO and contractors. If you’re used to consulting a panel of fellow engineers to solve problems, then APEX may not be the right fit for you. As a small business, you will be required to wear many hats, all while being self-sufficient in your unique role. You’ll work with our sales team and engage the community directly to come up with new products, then validate those ideas by inviting volunteers to our facility where you’ll conduct on car test fitments and research. You’ll team up with marketing so they can document your developments and provide enthusiasts with the photos, videos and technical content they crave. Projects will be your baby, from napkin drawing to first purchase order. Once established, purchasing will handle the reorders so you can move on to the next cool new thing. As the sole engineering liaison to our suppliers, you’ll create new designs and applications, conduct extensive FEA, and find solutions to the design and production problems we encounter.

    The hardest part of your job will be overcoming language and cultural barriers with some of our overseas suppliers. Our largest suppliers are organized, professional, and easy to work with. Our smaller suppliers lack well spoken and experienced Project Managers, which results in disorganization, mistakes, and delays. Success in this role is much more heavily weighted towards project management and communication skills vs. CAD skills.

    If your motive to join APEX is to escape boredom and to play all day, then you’ll fail here. There’s no room for complacency on our current growth trajectory, and we’re not on cruise control. Although we’re extremely passionate about cars, we care equally about rapidly advancing our careers (nice cars cost money right?). Track days serve to recharge our passion, and our enthusiast customers and friends keep us motivated.

    Our Product Development Engineer is:

    • A college graduate, preferably with a degree in mechanical engineering
    • Experienced in the engineering field, with a portfolio of their previous work
    • Proficient in engineering software such as Solidworks etc.
    • Proficient at FEA
    • Experienced in communicating with overseas suppliers
    • Ideally fluent in Mandarin Chinese, but we’ll consider exceptional people who can overcome language barriers another way.
    • Located within a reasonable proximity to our office in Pleasanton, CA
    • Open to traveling to our external manufacturing facilities outside of the country
    • Is comfortable with working in a small business environment
    • An avid car enthusiast with a passion for the industry

    Our Product Development Engineer will:

    • Work with a team of passionate car enthusiasts who are engaged and committed to the same mission
    • Quickly explore and vette new ideas for feasibility
    • Take over FEA responsibilities from our current contractor
    • Solve our organizational and communication problems with our suppliers
    • Catch mistakes made by factory-side engineers to ensure no issues make it to production
    • Cut down on the turnaround time for new project releases and allow us to take on far more projects at once
    • Ensure our suppliers maintain a strong level of quality control throughout the varying stages of the manufacturing process
    • Keep suppliers in check by working with independent laboratories to test and certify our wheels.
    • Help answer customer questions that require CAD to answer properly.

    Perks and Benefits:

    • Full-time position with competitive compensation
    • Medical benefits package
    • Vacation and holiday pay
    • Access to our full shop with lift and tools to work on your car
    • Work in your underwear - occasional telecommuting supported
    • Support your track addiction with reimbursements for HPDE and autocross event registration fees
    • Eligibility for the SEMA college grant and loan forgiveness program
    • Casual dress environment where T-shirts and jeans are welcome
    • Get employee discounts and freebies on APEX products and schwag
    • Participate in company activities including karting, BBQ’s and VR racing

    How To apply

    To apply, respond to this posting by email with a copy of your resume and a cover letter sent to [email protected]. In your cover letter give us an idea of the type of car enthusiast you are?

    Do NOT contact us directly by phone or in person. All applicants must apply via email to be considered.

    APEX is an equal opportunity employer.

    Who are we?

    APEX Race Parts is a close-knit team with a burning passion for anything that can set a lap time on a race track. We’ve been in business since 2007 and our core competency is lightweight performance wheels. The growth of our team and the maturing of our company has opened a new chapter where we expand into every active enthusiast community that attends track days.
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    Sounds like a dream job!
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    Wish you guys were closer to me. Recently retired from my medical device engineering career, life long motorhead though.

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