2005-2009 Mustang Full Exhaust

Discussion in 'Mustang Parts For Sale' started by nasty3v, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. nasty3v

    nasty3v forum member

    Hello Everyone,

    Up for sale is my beloved exhaust setup for my 2005 mustang that has been pieced together over the years. It will fit 2005-2009 GT model years.

    It starts with BBK Longtubes 1 5/8 in, BBK Off Road X-Pipe 2 3/4 in, Pypes over axle pipes 2 1/2 in, Ford Performance Stinger Axle-Back exhaust, these mufflers are not made anymore and are obsolete you can not buy this at a aftermarket store. If you try and piece this exhaust together it’s around $1600 new

    I am asking $1000obo local pick up in Southern California. Pasadena specifically. Have not thought about shipping but maybe if you can cover the full cost I’ll give it a thought. I am going single turbo so that is my reason for getting rid of this whole setup. Contact me for more details @ 817-707-8936 via Text my name is Liam.

    F1352047-893A-43A1-815E-3FC05F79570F.jpeg 7B628B0F-FA48-424B-84C9-F4EEEA3B1BA2.jpeg 8FFCE295-A3C8-45AF-905A-0FE1A4DADF3B.jpeg
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  2. nasty3v

    nasty3v forum member

    Price drop to $800 for whole setup. Willing to ship
  3. bseaquist24

    bseaquist24 Junior Member

    New member here anyway to contact you?
  4. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    If you read the ad you responded to... there is a phone number. I’d try that :asshat:
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