2007 GT500 stock driveshaft boot dried and cracked

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  1. shelbygirl

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    We have 86000 miles on it. Had the car shipped to Europe. We are driving in Czech Republic and had it up on a lift for an oil change. The mechanic pointed out a completely dried out driveshaft boot, with a large crack in one section. Ford in the US, says that it is covered under our extended warranty, but only on US soil.
    The Ford dealer says that we cannot purchase a boot, but we have to get the entire rear section of the driveshaft, p# BR3Z4R602H, and it is $620.
    We checked with Fedex, and shipping it over is $947.
    options, that I know of are...
    1: Bite the bullet, have it shipped.
    2: Have it shipped to someone in the states, remove boot, ship boot for $45. Have boot replaced here. Done.
    3: Buy an 4" aluminum one piece driveshaft. $795 plus shipping
    4: Wrap cracked boot with Silicone Rescue tape. Keep driving.
    5: Sell car here in Europe
    6: Take your advise...
    Thanks for your help.

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  2. eighty6gt

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    Someone here has to have a stock DS in a scrap pile and can send you the boot in an envelope for $8.
  3. 01yellerCobra

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  4. Gabe

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    Isn't it just a regular rubber boot?
    I would think a European car would have a boot that would work.
  5. shelbygirl

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    After taking off the bad boot.

    So, tomorrow, I am going to take to a local shop here in Prague. I will see if they can take off the boot so I can see any damage inside there.
    Should there be any slop in the driveshaft itself? back and forth, side to side, up and down, etc?
    I think I could even buy a plunger with an accordion style, and put that there as an interim fix.
  6. JUSTA3V

    JUSTA3V Moar Throttle!

    It would be a great time for a one piece upgrade.

    Option 3
  7. Speedboosted

    Speedboosted Found missing cylinders

    Option 3 as well, but get a 3.5". The 4" is just too large and could have clearance issues.
  8. shelbygirl

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    Here in Prague, the Ford service advisor says they could order the DS from the US, but would take too long to get here. We have to leave before it would arrive. I am awaiting word from Ford Extended Service Protection people to tell me if I have get a DS shipped over here, who actually has to perform the work, to keep the car under warranty? The dealer in Prague, says we would have to pay cash to get the part and get the work done, then submit a claim to Ford ESP in the US. They did have the car up on the lift again, and there is no play in the DS, so that is good. They said it would be fine to drive up to Denmark (our next stop). Thanks guys for your help.
  9. shelbygirl

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    Better pic of torn DS boot

    Found a new DS in New Jersey $620 and shipping is $150.

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  10. TGR96

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    ^^^wouldn't this have been the cheapest option?

    Anyway, 86000 miles on a Shelby? Glad to see that y'all are driving it and enjoying it. Too many of these cars end up as garage queens, at least in my area.
  11. shelbygirl

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    Yeah, we have driven about 57000 miles in the past 6 years. We shipped the car over to Europe, and have been driving it all over the place. We've been in Ireland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Czech Republic. We've done 10000 miles since getting over here in Europe. Hey, they have 100 octane here...about $4.75 per gallon, but that's ok once in awhile.
    "Shelby GT500 Journey from USA to Europe" face book page...that's us.
  12. MADGT

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    You from Washington State I see...or at least the car is registered there. I was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord twice and now I live in Virginia. Interesting to see you were able to keep the US plate?
  13. Devcon 7

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    You buy a driveshaft? I have one with 22k miles on it. Would work out shipping for you, I get a discount via fedex.