2007 lsx twin turbo swap :)

Discussion in 'Hardcore Tech=*MOTOR SWAPS*' started by Bburns4667, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Bburns4667

    Bburns4667 Junior Member

    07 mustang

    Iron 5.3 bored to 5.7

    Summit pro ls forged rods pistons

    Sloppy stage 2 cam

    PAC springs

    Stock heads

    ARP studs

    Ls7 lifters and hg

    Twin gt35r turbos *ebay

    Snake eater 1500cc injectors

    Twin walbro 450’s

    Flex fuel setup

    Fti powerglide

    Fti 3800 stall convertor

    Built 8.8

    3.55 gears

    Holly terminator x

    On pump 93 on 11 lbs right now just street tuned it.... it fucking flies. It’s faster than my old built 4.6 with a precision 71mm on 18lbs

    Only problem is it keeps throwing the belt ordered a manual tensioner the 200k mile one isn’t handling it

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  2. Bburns4667

    Bburns4667 Junior Member

  3. NickD87

    NickD87 forum member

    I keep going back to looking at ls swaps, what are you doing for gauges Holley?

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  4. Anti

    Anti forum member

    What did you do with the 4.6?
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