2007 Mustang GT Convertible Premium Supercharged Sports Car

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May 15, 2017
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please see autotrader ad for pix, PM me for more

For Sale: 2007 Mustang GT Premium Convertible, 50Kmiles, Vanadium Gray, Whipple kit, 485+ RWHP, JBA Long Tube Headers, High Performance Fully Adjustable Suspension, GT500 Brakes, 20” FR500 Wheels and More

I can hardly believe I’m doing this, but I’m selling my pampered, custom high performance Mustang Convertible! This car is nearly perfect, modified for the power, handling, stopping and looks a Mustang should have. I’m a lifelong Mustang nut, and IMO this model is one of the best Mustang designs, and with these modifications it will out-perform anything from the factory.

I like a clean car - no badges, stripes or rear spoiler, just the pure Mustang design Larry Erickson and the Ford team created. The front lip spoiler, ebony-grain interior panels, dual twin exhaust, tail light trim rings, clear side indicator lenses and custom-made grill emblem make it unlike any other Mustang. The sequential tail lights are just cool. The Hurst short-throw shifter with cue-ball handle are tight and comfortable. The Shaker 500 sound system sounds great. And with heated leather power driver and passenger seats you’re equipped for hours of luxurious, exciting top-down cruising.

The Whipple supercharger kit speaks for itself - literally. The sound and fury of nearly 500 RWHP is truly awesome, from that distinctive blower whine to the wild music those BBK long tube headers and custom exhaust make. (It’s capable of way more than 500 RWHP, Delk of Nashville did a very conservative and safe dyno tune.) She will grab and go as the limited slip diff gives a fun little waggle before hauling ass - hold on! Even so this is a very street-friendly car in all respects - with fully adjustable Ground Control / Tokico D-Spec springs and dampers you can cruise in solid comfort or go full-on track mode with a simple twist.

The “hard parts” of the suspension are all upgraded with high quality adjustable, heavy duty components. Steeda GT500-spec front lower control arms with upgraded ball joints, full heim- joint rear upper and lower LCAs, adjustable UMI LCA lowering brackets, beefed-up anti-sway bar, panhard rod, panhard frame brace, strut tower and K-member braces plus GT500 Brembo brakes keep this car planted and solid, with a very confident, firm ride. WAY better than a stock GT or even a GT500, it’s super stable, holds the road like it’s on rails, corners like a go-kart. The 20” FR500 wheels just look right, and the almost new Firehawk Indy 500 tires provide excellent traction and ride.

You couldn’t build this car for twice this price, over $18,000 in parts alone, in a very low mileage GT Premium Convertible (Autotrader selling price about $15,000 for a similar non-modified car).

Here’s a list of parts cost, NOT INCLUDING labor or sales tax. This car is a sweet steal.

Parts Cost:
· 2.3 L Whipple Supercharger High Output Kit $8,050
(conservative tune @ 485 RWHP)

· Injector Dynamics 1000ID Fuel Injectors $960
· Ford Racing 62mm Throttle Body $599
· Steeda Suspension
Sway Bars $499
Control arms lower, adjustable $199
UMI LCA Lowering brackets $139
Control arm center, adjustable $304
Panhard bar, adjustable $169
Panhard bar brace $119
Front "GT 500" LCAs with X5 ball joints $299
· Ground Control Adjustable Height Springs (coil-over kit)
· Tokico Adjustable Dampers $669
· GT500 Brembo Brake Kit $2,449
· GT500 Strut Tower Brace $150
· Hurst Billet Competition Plus Short Throw Shifter
with custom made Q ball knob $30
· BBK Long tube Headers $599
· BBK mini-catalytic convertors (catted x-pipe) $599
· 20” FR500 wheels $1,076
· Custom made dual-tip full stainless Mufflers $150

Parts $Total (not including sales tax) $18,000+

Plus I'm sure there's plenty more I've forgotten to include.

Labor Total : FREE TO YOU! (but worth more than the parts)


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Jul 10, 2007
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Classified rules require a price to be listed, please post a price, thank you.


May 15, 2017
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whoops, I thought I had the price in there.

Just reduced to $20,999. I'm motivated, need garage space. Make an offer!
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